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4 11 2019


Protesting with benefits in Brooklyn over the weekend, from my biggest fan and the NYP.

I have written this prediction elsewhere, but I see that I have not yet written it here in this medium.  So this news, and the fact that it revolves around fare dodging on public transportation, or as the Germans put it ironically, a Schwarzefahrer, gives me the opportunity to do that for the record.

Within the next several years, Wokeness Inc. will start demanding that intra-city public transportation be free of charge for everyone.  I understand that this demand has already been lodged in relatively fringe SJW circles, but I think it will actually cross the blood-birdbrain barrier into the left-of-center mainstream in the next few years.

It has actually already started even if not a big way here in Germany, namely Berlin.  Earlier this year, a CDU member of the city-state legislature proposed that Bundeswehr members be allowed to ride Berlin’s buses and S for free.  In response, an SPD colleague of his proposed adding those who are either on various dole programs or Hartz IV or legal refugees, and his rationale was that the burden of enforcing laws against fare dodging has a disparate impact on them, though not in those exact translated words.  I don’t know if the bill ever got any serious legs.




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4 11 2019

Berlin flipped its lid over the weekend:

* Antifa mini-riots because the cops tried to evict them from hovels they are illegally squatting in. I’m amazed that the cops actually tried, but Berlin rents are soaring, so any square inch (centimeter?) in Berlin is precious and valuable.

* Both of Berlin’s major soccer teams are in the top tier Bundesliga this year, and they played each other on Saturday. Of course there was a mini-riot.

* A Moroccan murdered an Iranian at one of the city’s S stops.

5 11 2019

Speaking of “fahrer” words, learned yet another one today:


Lit: “Ghost driver”

Context: Wrong way driver, driving eastbound in the westbound lanes, e.g.

6 11 2019
Alright Dan

the blood-birdbrain barrier


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