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6 11 2019

From David Cole’s latest:

A good cult leader always begins by assigning initiates a new name.

So, now we’re all named “cis.” We’re no longer “normal,” we’re “cis.” We’ve been renamed. Why? Because to the left it’s all about seeing how much we’re willing to take. If they can make us accept a new name, they can pretty much make us do anything.

Here’s the real purpose of this “cis” thing:

When you are trying to normalize that which was previously thought of as deviant, it is incumbent upon you to trivialize that which was previously thought of as normal, so that the formerly deviant and the formal normal things are put on equal social and moral footing.

This is why the word “heterosexual” was coined.  “Homosexual” as a word has been in common usage for a long time.  But those who wanted homosexuality to be normalized knew that they had to create a rhetorical device for the “normal” act to seem on the same level as homosexual.  Hetero is the prefix that is the opposite of homo, so add it to “sexual,” and presto, the word for the proclivity that is the opposite of homosexual.  Homosexual, heterosexual, samey same.

The prefix “cis” meaning “cisgender” does for gender theory what “homosexual” did for sexual orientation.  “Cis” and “Trans” are Latin prefix antonyms, that almost always referred to geographical features.  “Cis” meaning nearer, on the same side as, closer to, and “Trans” meaning farther, on the opposite side of.  For instance, the Roman provinces of Cisapline Gaul and Transapline Gaul — The former was on the same side of the Alps as Rome itself, or closer to Rome, modern day Po River Valley, for the most part, and the latter was on the other side of the Alps, across the alps, farther from Rome, modern day south of France.

I surmise that at some point in the recent past, some gender theorist, already familiar with the concept of “transgendered” individuals, figured out that “cis” and “trans” are Latin antonyms, and swapped out “trans” for “cis,”, and created a whole new word, “cisgender(ed),” to refer to people whose gender identity is the same as their biological sex, i.e. normal people.  For the same reason:  To put “normal” on equal rhetorical footing with the “deviant.”

As of late, the two prefixes have been mashed up frequently, to make “cishet,” or cisgendered-heterosexual.  Double the normal, but double the rhetorical attempt to trivialize the normal.

All that said, let me prepare you for something:

Some time in the next handful of years, you’re going to start seeing this word emanate in a big way from Wokeness Inc., and when I explain it, you’ll know what I’m thinking will be the next great cause in social justice wackoville:


Coming from “Teleios,” which is the Greek prefix for “completed” or “finished.”

Or “fully grown.”

You figure it out.




3 responses

6 11 2019
Alright Dan


How do you even pronounce that?

6 11 2019
Alex the Goon

With a lisp.
Anytime our side use the term “cis” or especially “cishet”, it validates the freaks. Same with “goyim”. The 1% do not dictate terms to the 99.

7 11 2019
Nicholas Stix

Uh oh.

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