Cherry Bomb

12 11 2019


Probably the most popular Canadian in Canada got canceled.

He shouldn’t have been.


His was a delusional civnat rant.

As if recent non-white immigrants give a rat’s tail about Canada’s part in a war that mostly white people fought against mostly white people a century ago.

That’s only half the equation, though.  Assimilation, in the way that its proponents define, doesn’t happen by magic, or random chance, or pure osmosis.  It happens because credible authorities and elites want immigrants to assimilate, and they apply certain legal, social, moral and cultural mechanisms to make it happen.  Nowadays, doing so would be a civil rights violation, even in the United States.  And however true this is for America, it’s even more true for Canada.

Mash up these two factors, and it’s easy to see why hardly any recent non-white immigrants in or around Toronto were wearing lapel poppies yesterday.




2 responses

12 11 2019
Alex the Goon

It was rhetorical genius – saluting the flag and dead veterans (who never had to save Canada from foreign invasion), to get his whole country talking about why these shitstains are only here to freeload.
You’re never too old to take one for the team.

13 11 2019

This Don Cherry does not strike me as a 4D Chess playing type.

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