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13 11 2019



Hillary Clinton is hit by claims that SHE is ‘interfering with UK politics’ by slamming government for delaying report into Russia doing the SAME thing until after the election (while plugging her new book)


Hillary Clinton has slammed the ‘shameful’ delay in releasing a report probing Russian interference in British politics – but has been accused of interfering herself during a UK media blitz promoting her book today.

The former presidential candidate said she believes ‘every person who votes’ in the UK should see the document before Britain goes to the polls on December 12.

She said: ‘I’m dumbfounded that this Government won’t release the report about Russian influence. Because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens’.

The former presidential candidate spoke out while promoting her new book ‘Gutsy Women’ with her daughter Chelsea in a series of interviews across the BBC and ITV.

But some critics have questioned the timing of her own intervention ahead of a UK general election and accused her of trying to help Labour.

This has been on the tip of my tongue for awhile.

The same people who tell us that the economy is already global, praise popular culture for being global, and demand that populations be global, and would be happy with certain public affairs decision making mechanisms to be global, all of a sudden find their nationalism and say that domestic politics should be confined totally within borders.

Though that’s not really a hard one; You don’t need me, here.  But a hint if you’re lost:  Think of the criminal convicts who suddenly find religion in between the guilty verdict and the sentencing phase.

Postscript:  Whose husband was President in 1996 when the United States openly and brazenly affected the binary outcome of that year’s Russian Presidential election?



One response

13 11 2019
Alex the Goon

How about full disclosure on UK’s interference in USA 2016. We can start with Pissgate.

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