Look At What Sam Page Wants To Put On The County Police Board.

24 11 2019

Guest post by Puggg

It will make you sick.

She’s supposed to be a surgeon, but what surgeon’s job deals with politics and social matters that much?



3 responses

24 11 2019
Hard Right

An abortionist?

25 11 2019

I figured this intersectional crash would happen one of these days.

However, I think she’s going to get more official grief about her part about saying that black people should change their behavior.

25 11 2019

More band aids


We’ve got enough guns and juveniles laws. And why only juveniles? You turn 18, and you can’t possibly do a bad thing with a gun?

Witness protection being fortified might help get some convictions, but that won’t mean the underlying crimes didn’t happen.

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