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14 01 2020

Downtown St. Louis

Forget about Iran.  A real war has broken out back in St. Louis, between Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and the St. Louis City Police Officers Association.

Four years ago, and I would have had a front row seat.  The bombs bursting in air, right above my head.

If I know St. Louis’s civic elite and establishment like I do, then this will be the big serial thing for them for as long as it lasts, and of course it will matter to the directly interested and involved parties, but the rest of St. Louis will snore.  If I was still there, I would be covering the blow by blow, including slipping in some insider info, but strategically so, so as not to blow my cover.  Alas, I’ll just have to follow the P-D’s telling, and whatever secret squirrels back there that even remember me that send me privileged info from time to time.

In related news, I see there’s this.  The only corporeal human being I voted for in 2016 other than Trump was Josh Hawley for Attorney General, in the primary, because the party establishment choice was a rat fink Judas on Mizzou, and then in the general after Hawley won the primary, because I knew by then that the Soros whore in the person of Kim Gardner would be the next Circuit Attorney, and we’d need Hawley as AG to do the prosecution that she wouldn’t.  Since then, the deck has been shuffled in state government executive positions, and it’s now Eric Schmitt as AG, and then of course the upset of Wesley Bell over Bob McCulloch in August 2018, he being another Gardner-type.  (The only reason he actually didn’t get Soros money is that nobody thought he had a chance.)  So it’s now Schmitt having to do Wesley Bell’s and Kim Gardner’s work.  And of course, the cops in St. Louis City and County are dropping more and more case files in Jensen’s lap instead of Bell’s or Gardner’s — That much, if I wasn’t smart enough to guess, I know from continuing to read the St. Louis media.

And, of course, as I always say about the native city:



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14 01 2020
15 01 2020

And that’s why this story is now getting national play. It’s now probably going to be a flashpoint in the battle front between cops’ organizations and the Soros empire.

14 01 2020
14 01 2020

Good post.
Btw ACLU gave money to Bell. They thought he had a chance. And there were other out of county organizations that funded him.

15 01 2020

A gentle reminder that deincarceration mania is not just a blue city blue state thing.

16 01 2020

“Chief Hayden says some of those changes would take away from units investigating drugs and car thefts.”

Really, for a long time, SLMPD almost never sends out a B&W for a car theft. Just take your report over the phone.

20 01 2020
Hard Right

Drag Queen Story Hour stirs Missouri lawmaker to support limits on library programming

Public libraries that display “age-inappropriate material” could lose state funding and even see their librarians fined or jailed, under a bill proposed by a Missouri lawmaker.

22 01 2020

It’s getting clear.

Now I think that her lawsuit is nothing more than sour grapes because the cops had the audacity to pull her highness over.

And I now also think this saga and drama is over before it really even began.

24 01 2020
26 01 2020

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