20 01 2020

Atlanta;  Memphis

I’ll take the opportunity of the American holiday this is, to reiterate my long standing party line on such things.

Martin Luther King did not create the civil rights movement, the civil rights movement created Martin Luther King. Even if he never existed, the civil rights movement still would have won the victories it actually did. If he would have been born much earlier than 1929, he would have been unable to accomplish much of anything, whereas if he was born much later than 1929, he would have been seen as a charlatan trying to win an already won cause.  I happen to think that Gandhi, another very similarly overrated figure for whom the times made him instead of the other way around, and was far more an effect than a cause of the big historical event to which he is associated, also benefited from the lucky circumstance of being born during the right year.

Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General enthusiastically supported the civil rights movement, but at the same time, his FBI was spying on MLK. It’s easy to think that a contradiction, but it’s not a contradiction when one realizes that MLK was not that critical to the civil rights movement.

In one of the final polls taken before his assassination, the civil rights measures of the Great Society had a very high approval rating, in the 75%-ish neighborhood, but Martin Luther King himself had only a 20-25% approval rating. Once again, that is evidence that, in the public’s mind circa early 1968, Martin Luther King wasn’t that important to the civil rights movement.

I’ll also point to the fact that most white countries enacted race equality and immigration liberalization laws in the same general time frame as the American civil rights movement, in spite of the fact that those other countries did not have a Martin Luther King.  As an example, the country I’m currently in, or rather, the former split part thereof, opened the borders to Turks in 1969, upon the Social Democrats winning national control in West Germany for the first time, though I think that, even if the CDU would have held on, it, too, would have eventually done the same thing;  Remember, Angela Merkel is CDU.

The real and taboo for discussion in polite society causes of the success of the civil rights movement were: (1) Organized activist Jewish interests winning key marginal control and influence in key American institutions in the 1930s, and (2) The outcome of World War II.  Everything else was inevitable from there.  No matter what happened or didn’t happen, no matter who may or may not have won elections, no matter which preachers became national public figures or not, no matter which assassins’ bullets would have hit or missed their important targets, everything that eventually happened in terms of the post-WWII civil rights movement were big fancy footnotes to, and inevitable consequences of, those two big historical phenomena I just described. (*)

And the reason our sector calls this holiday today “James Earl Ray Day” isn’t just to be snide, but because Ray’s single thirty-aught-six round made MLK something in death that he never really was in life.

As an aside, we’re only seven years away from the MLK files being unsealed. If they tell us what we all suspicion they do, and if it does so happen that it causes public outrage, in spite of what we all know will be the mainstream media ignoring the matter, then Official America will diffuse the situation by reminding us of what I just wrote, that MLK wasn’t important to the civil rights movement, and the only reason for the holiday was the collective feeling sorry for him and his widow and children because he was assassinated.

(*) – I say this to head off our own sector’s propensity to play “what if history” games that involve the civil rights movement never being successful if only a few votes in an election had shifted or the assassin’s aim would have been slightly different.  My contention is that the only difference that, say, Nixon beating JFK in 1960, or Oswald missing JFK’s head instead of hitting it, or Isola Curry would have wound up hitting MLK in the right spot in the heart with her knife on September 20, 1958, or any other similar slight “game of inches” circumstance you could think of, all it would have meant in the long run is a slight alteration in the timeline of the circumstances that happened in the real world.  For example, it would have meat the Civil Rights Act that passed in 1964 wouldn’t have passed until 1969, the Voting Rights Act that passed in 1965 may have passed in 1961, or the immigration bill in 1965 wouldn’t have happened until 1978.



7 responses

20 01 2020
Alex the Goon

something in death that he never really was in life: Quiet.

21 01 2020
Hard Right

Atomwaffen More Retarded than I Thought.

Also, every member of the group, including the leader, was involved sexually with a tranny, which is apparently and not surprisingly also a part of satanic doctrine.

It seems Anglin is correct.

21 01 2020

I’ve read that The Base is more Antifa-ish than anything.

21 01 2020
Hard Right

Here’s their “official response” to the arrests.

21 01 2020
Hard Right

They don’t sound like Antifa to me.

22 01 2020

Someone else noticed the King-Gandhi continuum.

22 01 2020
Hard Right


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