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21 01 2020

Richmond, Virginia

Even though yesterday in Richmond turned out without incident, in spite of the desperate attempt on the part of the media and Democrat politicians and paranoia-industrial complex NGOs (though I repeat myself) to provoke something really bad happening so as to create juicy video for Democrats to use on the campaign trail this fall and fundraising fodder, I still would not have gone to it myself if I was anywhere in the vicinity, and I still would have advised proper nationalists not to go.

For the simple reason that we should not be carrying water for people who not only will not carry our water, but then turn around and turn our bucket upside down and pour our water onto the dirt, and then proceed to carry our enemy’s water.

These people yesterday were more comfortable with “married” lesbian marijuana farmers than with white people who take their own side.



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21 01 2020

In related news, I added a new axiom today:

77. The demographic, psychological and sociological proclivities of journalists together constitute the primary bottleneck of mainstream social, cultural and political opinion and understanding in today’s world.

The reason gun grabber groups focus on rifles rather than handguns, in spite of the fact that knives > rifles and personal appendages (fists etc) > rifles in terms of homicides committed 2014-2018, while handguns are a big majority overall:

It’s because the media cover rifle murders far more than handgun murders.

And the reason the media cover rifle murders far more than handgun murders really isn’t diabolical, it’s because journalists think the stories behind rifle murders are more journalistically sexy than handgun murders. If you were a journalist, and you wanted something to write about, of course you would much rather have the Brad mass shooting AR-15 rather than the Jamarquavious ghetto fried chicken argument Ruger 9. Not necessarily because Brad is white and Jamarquavious is black, and not necessarily because of the difference in the firearms. But because you’ll get way more interesting and marketable column-inches and TV-hours from Brad/AR than Jamarquavious/9.

It’s why “ripped from the headlines” crime dramas often rewrite real-world crimes to make the perpetrators white when they were not in real life. It’s because “ripped from the headlines” crime dramas are on weeknight prime time over the air network TV, and need the ratings to justify their being there. “The First 48” is actually realistic, about a certain demographic and its homicidal violence, but it’s not on over the air network TV in prime time, it’s on a low ratings cable network. I have found myself that once you’ve watched two episodes of TF48, you’ve seen them all. White crime makes more more entertaining scripts than black crime.

It’s for the same reason why professional car reviewers review even boring suburban soccer mom SUVs in light of the two-seat roadster with six on the floor which can navigate Alpine mountain road curves with ease. It’s because that’s the dream car of the class of people who are into reviewing cars for a living.

It’s also for the same reason why, considering the non-natural causes of death for Americans under the age of 55, and comparing print media coverage of deaths for Americans under the age of 55, terrorism and homicide are by far the two most media overhyped and overcovered, while heart disease is the most common actual cause but the most undercovered by the media. Terrorism and homicide are journalistically sexy, some guy kicking off of heart disease at 53 for heart disease is not.

Of course, television news, especially local eyeball eyewitness news that’s live local and late breaking, is even more dependent on homicides than the print media.

So, back to rifles, because the media give way more coverage to rifle murders, and most politically charged people take their cues from the media, this is why gun control NGOs and gun control advocate politicians (falsely) think that rifles are the big problem, and preen about rifles on the campaign stump.


21 01 2020
David In TN

I’ve mentioned before that there is often whining about crime stories “always being about dead pretty white girls.” Well, when the dead white girl’s killer looks like Scott Peterson or Joran Van der Sloot, the crime is heavily publicized.

When the killer looks like Lemaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd, it (sometimes) is a big local story and on some blogs, but is never a national morality tale.

The Scott and Laci Peterson case made for a months-long story which people paid attention to. A case of a black male killing his girl friend of the week would not.

This is why “big” crime stories almost never have black victims. If you show the victim you would have to show the (black) perp. How often does ABC 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, or NBC Dateline have a black suspect? There are some, but rare.

The only black on white murder that has ever been a national morality play was the O.J. Simpson imbroglio. And in that one a white cop was designated as the villain, with the MSM slanting the coverage toward an acquittal.

Serial killers are statistically, a small percentage of murders as a whole, but get a lot of media coverage. Or they did when the MSM bought into what the Blogmeister called “the quasi-official line that all serial killers are white.”

22 01 2020

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