Climate Hysteria, Explained

23 01 2020

Davos, Switzerland

When you believe in a cause that 99% of the people believe in, you’re not being edgy or avant-garde.

Therefore, the only way you have to distinguish yourself is to be increasingly extreme, ridiculous and outlandish in the advocacy of your cause, and then point to others’ lack of extremism, ridiculousness and outlandishness as “evidence” that they are secretly on the other side.

To wit:  Greta.



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23 01 2020
Tom MacGyver

It’s not global cooling, because “cooling” is not playing out the way “they” wanted it. The same goes for “warming.” Instead “they” decided to go with something that will play out no matter WHAT is ballyhooed; “change.” This can’t be proven or disproved, and is therefore safe for “them.” Again, “they” are going on the fact that the average person cannot remember if years previous were warmer or cooler, so they defer to “the experts,” whose paychecks depend on them agreeing with their employers.

I keep track of weather… I actually record it; the highs, the lows, the precipitation, and lack thereof. I can say that there were rainy winters where I live in the 1970’s. Then my region went into drought, as is the way of the desert. “They” blamed this on “global warming.” Then the rains returned, and “they” attributed it to “climate change.” But… but… things went back to where they were in the 1970’s… “They” say “Can you prove this wasn’t due to climate change?” This is where the argument ends. “They” put the burden on YOU to prove them wrong, and mix ample amounts of of extra virgin bullshit in with a few facts. If you don’t have the time to parse this, “they” win by default. Such is the strategy of “they…” “They” tell me there’s not enough water to support our local population. I reply “If there’s not enough water for our own population, then why are you letting in MILLIONS of future Demo… er… ILLEGAL ALIENS?” …Crickets… This is how you prove your point. If “they” tell me there’s enough water for the illegals too, then they’re liars about the scarcity of water. “They” CAN’T tell me there ISN’T enough water at that point unless they want to look stupid…

…You can’t defer everything to “experts.” Even a dog knows that if you don’t observe, you lose…

24 01 2020

Meteorologists seem to be a group that do some pushback against climate hysteria. Even here in Germany, I read day before yesterday about one of the more prominent ones here taking it to Greta.

24 01 2020

Kinda proving my point, from the Made for the Mindless news source:

24 01 2020
24 01 2020
Hard Right

Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia

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