All Hype

6 02 2020


The hype of what happened yesterday in Thuringia, both on the part of our sector’s jubilation, and the media/left/Antifa hate-filled rage, was way disproportionate to the reality.

With the way AlexG, AliceW, JorgM, TinoC, celebrated yesterday, you would have thought that we just won a national absolute majority in the Bundestag.  With the way the media, left and Antifa went bonkers, you would have thought that YKW was successful in his Munich putsch and marched into Berlin.

For one, the FDP state PM, Thomas Kemmerich, was from the party that barely crossed the 5% threshold back in October’s elections, so you had to figure that his executive leadership was going to be the least legitimate.

For two, the football spiking on the part of AfD big wheels, mirrored by the media, left and Antifa hysteria, was unfounded, (even though getting Bozo out of power was worthy enough, I suppose), because Kemmerich was promising to assemble a minority legislative coalition behind him that did not include either the AfD or Die Linke.  The only hand the AfD played into making Kemmerich the PM (very temporarily, as it turned out) was that, after the AfD’s candidate was eliminated after the first round of voting, AfD legislators went for him in the subsequent rounds, entirely to stick to Bozo.  (Works like IOC members choosing an Olympics host city, with each round, the last place finisher is eliminated, which frees its supporters to go behind other cities, until you’re down to two cities, and then it’s just a matter of which one gets more votes than the other.)  But, like I said, they were backing someone who wasn’t going to include them in a numerically minority governing coalition.

For three, I thought this whole hobcobble was unsustainable, and just an interesting one-day sideshow to what I and everyone else knew was the inevitability of new snap elections, but I just thought that it would last for more than 24 hours.

And now that it has already fallen apart, the media, left and Antifa are going to get their wish of new elections, and they’re going to get it good and hard.  Be careful what you wish for, like they say.  Because the end result is that Die Linke will be weaker, the AfD stronger, and therefore, even more gridlock and an even smaller chance of forming a stable government.

Then there was the rose throwing incident, which came mere hours after Nancy Pelosi ripped up the papers.  Must be something in the air.  Symbolically, a bouquet of red roses was supposed to be transferred from the outgoing PM, Bozo Ramelow, to the newly enshrined one, the aforementioned Thomas Kemmerich.  But the young woman who had that duty threw the bouquet on the floor at Kemmerich’s feet.

Speaking of elections, I head to Hamburg tomorrow.  Which was going to be something enough by itself, but now that it comes on the heels of this clusterfuck, and will be in an actual Antifa stew pot, it’ll be all the more interesting, and maybe even risky.



11 responses

6 02 2020

Why our sector should not draw energy or inspiration from Netanyahu-led soft nationalism in Israel:

Israel’s ambassador to Germany was running around yesterday and today screaming about Nazis coming to power.

And this is someone hand-picked by Netanyahu himself.

Nationalism for me, but not for thee.

7 02 2020

Personally, I don’t think Angela Merkel had anything to do with how things in Thuringia worked out. She put in her two cents well after the outrage machine was in full gear.

9 02 2020

Over the weekend, CDU and FDP threw a bunch of Thuringian legislators who voted for Kemmerich out of their parties. Think about it: FDP punishing FDP legislators for voting for the FDP candidate.

They’re really backing themselves into a corner, with no room to maneuver.

It’s also becoming more and more obvious and closer to true every day what I predicted here in October, that the CDU would get over its long standing contempt for Die Linke because of its current contempt for the AfD. My prediction is that, when the new elections are held, and the dust settles, Thuringia will end up with a state government whose PM is CDU, but behind him (or her) will be a mass coalition of everyone but the AfD.

9 02 2020

A rough and perhaps imperfect analogy to explain the clown world kabuki theater politics afoot in Thuringia to Americans:

Imagine if Ronald Reagan and Bernie Sanders formed an alliance to take down Donald Trump.

10 02 2020

Over the weekend, Alex Gauland said that, when the next vote for PM in Thuringia happens, AfD legislators will vote for Bozo Ramelow, thereby forcing him to resign.

Genius level trolling.

10 02 2020

AKK is standing down. She’s giving up her leadership ranks within the CDU and will not try for Chancellor after the next Federal elections. Her “leadership” has been in question for many months.

11 02 2020

If they can make it stick, fine. The problem I think is that Merkel starting running her mouth well after the outrage machine had already cranked up to 200 decibels.

11 02 2020

Talk is already starting, as of this evening, that it would be too expensive to hold new elections in Thuringia, so why don’t we just go ahead and let the CDU fall behind Bozo using the current October election based Landtag?

12 02 2020
18 02 2020

Late update.

In the last few days, there was a proposal for a temporary CDU + Die Linke coalition behind a former CDU state PM. I sincerely think the purpose of that proposal and that coalition, if it would have came to be, was propaganda and PR, that it would “seem” like Die Linke was falling behind the CDU, instead of the other way around. The purpose of that propaganda/PR for outward consumption would have been to blunt the outrage from the CDU’s own loyalists that the party was touching a party that it swore never to touch. A Linke “behind” CDU would not “seem” as bad as CDU “behind” Linke (which it really would have been, because Die Linke got more votes than the CDU in October).

However, all this speculation is moot, because the deal was rejected just hours ago.

23 02 2020

Looks like there’s a “solution” — The CDU won’t fall totally in line behind Bozo, but enough of them will vote for him to remain PM. This looks to be another PR attempt of the CDU doing something but wanting it not to appear that they’re doing it.

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