The Way to Solve a Problem Is to Make the Problem Unconstitutional

12 02 2020


I could spend hours on this story, but I don’t have hours.

So I’ll have to reduce it to bullet points:

* You can’t solve a problem just by making the problem unconstitutional

* MN’s big achievement gap (black-white) is emblematic of what we call the Minnesota-Wisconsin Paradox, the fact that those two states have the worst black-white gaps when it comes to things like crime and education. It’s not a paradox, really, it’s just a matter of having really good whites by white standards and really bad blacks by black standards in the same state.

* Nobody would be thinking this is a good idea if the post-WWII history of turning the judiciary into the de facto school board were allowed to be understood — Starting with, but definitely not limited to, the Kansas City clusterfuck

* If this “constitutional right” becomes enshrined, then most of what the Minnesota Supreme Court (and lower state courts) will do is use it as a stick to order spending more money, and more forced busing and deseg, (or its “by any other means” equivalent:  AFFH-style programs), and more teachers’ union busting — The latter point is why the teachers’ unions are opposed, even though they have to play off their opposition in terms of equity and social justice, instead of what it really is, their understandable self-interest

* As an aside, Missouri state government already constitutionally has a “first dollar” policy.  At least 25% of state expenditures must go to elementary, middle, secondary or tertiary education



3 responses

12 02 2020

Same paper, someone puts in some half-hearted opposition.

I’ll note that that name Neel Kashkari sounded familiar. He was the Republican “nominee” (in quotes because of CA’s jungle primary system) for CA governor in 2014.

12 02 2020

Our Children MN is probably some astroturf outfit funded by the forces that stand to profit somehow either from the state spending even more on education, and/or teachers’ union busting.

ICYMI, the Kansas City debacle:

Click to access pa-298.pdf

18 02 2020

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