One Man’s Cloud Nine Is Another Man’s Thin Ice

16 02 2020

New York

Michael Bloomberg thinks he’s on something of a Cloud Nine, when I think he’s way more on thin ice than he realizes.

If I was advising Bernie Sanders, I would have him say something at the next time both he and Bloomy are on the same debate stage, either to Bloomy directly, or in general but addressing and about him:

“Your fortune is built off of an immoral if not illegal cartel. You do deserve Federally-funded public housing, but a Federal prison cell instead of the White House. As President, I and the Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney for southern New York appoint will see to it that that happens.”

Bloomy will never know what hit him, and will never be able to recover.  It’ll be just like Tulsi Gabbard taking down Kamala Harris.  The assembled crowd might cheer and hoot and holler for a half hour continuously, and it may even effectively seal the nomination for Bernie.

Note:  After giving it a lot of thought, Bernie is the only “Democrat” (realizing he’s an elected independent in the Senate and before that the House) who can beat Trump, because Bernie’s actual or perceived strengths are precisely at the points of Trump’s foibles.  In football terms, it’s called “matchup problems.”



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16 02 2020

As an aside, I think I know one reason why the O’Keefe expose of the extremist Bernie staffers won’t matter to the Bernie faithful:

It’s because this would be the typical response of a typical Bernie supporter when confronted with this:

“Why should I care if a few of Bernie’s most extreme staffers might want to throw me into a gulag, when I’m already imprisoned in the financial gulag of student loan indebtedness?”

17 02 2020

And since Bloomberg is buying everything in sight, Bernie might be the only one who can ruin him, he might be the Stonewall Jackson in this tale.

18 02 2020

Bloomy is giving Bernie every good reason to clap back.

19 02 2020
20 02 2020
20 02 2020

The debate last night happened during my overnight sleeping hours, so obviously I couldn’t watch. And if Bernie would have done this to Bloomy, I’m sure I would have already seen it in the highlight clips. But it seems like the hardest gut punch Bloomy took was from the Dime Store Indian, and it was on his insulting comments toward women.

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