The Usual Advice

20 02 2020


When I woke up this morning and saw what happened, and saw that it happened at a Hookah bar and near Frankfurt, I narrowed it down to two possibilities:

(1) Clan or mafia type violence

(2) White nutbar, probably lone wolf/accelerationist

I highly doubted religion of peace, because just shooting up a hookah bar isn’t their M.O.

The world now knows which one it is.

And as usual, my standard fare advice stands:  Ignore his manifesto.  Because I know it’s floating around out there in a thousand different places.  And certainly keep his name out of your mouth if you happen to find out.



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20 02 2020

What little I have let myself learn about the Hanau nutbar, I will say that he and I are alike in many ways, including age.

The big difference is that he let himself be a grievance collector, while I want to be a problem solver.

And that’s the big difference between people who will help solve the problem on one hand, and people who will hinder the people trying to solve the problem on the other hand.

20 02 2020

I’m not heaping sympathy on him because we share apparently similar politics. The reason is that nutbar is as nutbar does. Beta male rage, as the old blogger Half Sigma termed it.

Change a slight few circumstances in his recent past, and it would have been that he would have shot and killed a bunch of people last night because his girlfriend dumped him.

20 02 2020

More thinking out loud: I don’t know if he was a patron at that hookah bar, or if he just picked it because Kurds happen to be patrons. But if he was a patron, it means he was into hookah. Which means weed, which means psychosis. So many mass shooters are big into weed. Of course we all know that the root of “assassin” is “hashish” and that hashish is just turbocharged weed.

20 02 2020

T. R., the Hanau suspect, was a banker for most of his working career. So I doubt he belonged to any political groups. If I’m right, it means, just like Halle back in October, this is a word that German political culture is starting to learn based on a concept that Americans have been more familiar with for longer: Einzelgängerterrorismus. Lit: “Loner terrorism,” Cont.: “Lone wolf terrorism”

21 02 2020

Breaking: The German Public Prosecutor General, one Peter Frank, member of the CSU, (The Bavaria-only equivalent of the CDU), had some sort of business or professional relationship with the Hanau nutbar. (Remember, he was a Frankfurt banker.)

A lot of details are both vague and missing.

But I will say that the only way this will matter is if their relationship meant that Frank refused to prosecute T. R. when he really should have. Otherwise, it’s just an irrelevant observation, and no grounds for Frank to resign.

21 02 2020

Sound advise – hope others heed it and understand.

23 02 2020

T. R.’s father, an economist, belongs to the Green Party, and ran for a local office on the Green Party.

So what it means is that the only two parties that T. R. had any links to, and they’re not really links, are the CSU and the Greens. But guess which one Official Germany is trying to drag through the mud.

23 02 2020

The idiotic hits just keep on coming.

Alice Weidel, currently an AfD national leader, and she’s here in Hamburg today and this evening for the results, and T. R., went to the same college, the University of Bayreuth. Zomg scandal right?

This one’s easy to knock down:

Barack Obama and the Unabomber both went to Harvard.

1 03 2020

In the past few days, along with some minor stuff that doesn’t matter, we learned some major news about the Hanau nutbar: That he was the accountant to two hookah bars in the Frankfurt area. We don’t know if either one was the one he shot up.

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