Timing Is Everything

12 03 2020

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

It’s a damned good thing we got married when we did, this past Saturday.

If we would have waited as much as one week, then none of the six people from back in St. Louis who came, including my quasi-uncle slash best man, would have wanted to come, out of fears that they wouldn’t have been able to go home, or that they would have had to have gone under mandatory quarantine once they got back.

I’ll go into more detail later, but, while I was anticipating my quasi-uncle slash best man as the only one of my people there, he wound up surprising me by bringing along five other people:  His wife, his older sister slash my aunt by way of being the ex-wife of my youngest and as of June late blood uncle, their daughter who is a first cousin of mine, the only actual blood relative of the bunch, the retired pastor of my boyhood Lutheran church whose daughter is a high school classmate of mine, and our very own Puggg.  After being so surprised, I soon got to work, working in the second-to-last into the ceremony, and making the last my second best man, and of course, he fully anticipated being asked to do that.

Considering that I had tempered and realistic expectations based on how short order was this ceremony, and that it wasn’t an insignificant trip from Cologne, things turned out even better than my most optimistic expectations.  Again, I’ll elaborate later.

But, back to the matter at hand, all six of them are going to get tested for COVID-19.  The first four are all at least 69 years old, my cousin and Puggg were both born in the first half of the 1970s.

Note:  While COVID-19 hysteria hasn’t affected my job, as of this morning, Frau. Blogmeister’s workplace has been shut down for the rest of this week and at least all of next, in one of the two ways she does it.  In the other way she does it, she can and is still doing that.




4 responses

12 03 2020

I’m glad I was able to come and do my part. Like I told you in private, and I hope you don’t mind me saying in public, your bride is even more gorgeous in the face than even you say. I will also tell everyone that even if I didn’t already know, my doggy detective instincts right away when I saw your sister in law for the first time would have told me she was trouble. Not the kind of trouble that I deal with professionally, but more like a personal headache. Wherever she goes, useless drama is just behind. And of course I already knew that part was true. But as for her husband, the one you call soyboy in law, I think it’s a different story. I fear that someone in my line of work over there where you are will one day have to deal with him, because he’s going to be in the news for the wrong reason.

12 03 2020
Alex the Goon

Frau. Blogmeister’s workplace has been shut down
Time to get started on Generation Coronaboomer.

13 03 2020

What was to be my next business trip, the AfD party conference in Offenburg, end of next month, is now canceled.

St. Louisans and those in surrounding areas might think the name of that city sounds familiar. I’m almost sure that Auffenberg, the car dealer family, is a slight spelling change.

Offenburg, for its part, is close to being directly across the Rhine from Strasbourg. But, Offenburg itself isn’t on the river front, it abuts to the foothills of the Black Forest.

23 03 2020

The more time goes on, the better our previous decision to hurry this along gets. For one, it’s looking like, even if we wanted the dream June wedding in Wittenberg, it wouldn’t be possible. For two, our planned July honeymoon, which is going to involve not leaving the continent but crossing many borders, is threatened. For three, I have a whole new family and in-laws to keep me company through this soft quarantine; But for them, I would kinda be all alone.

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