The Bloomin Onion, In The Flesh.

20 05 2020

Guest post by Puggg

Remember the building that our normal host called the Bloomin Onion?  Well it’s just about done, so I just wanted to show you this link to the news story to what this thing looks like in real life.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’ve been doing alright.  I haven’t come down with anything, even though, as you all know, I did some international travel back in about the beginning of March.  The job has kept me devilishly busy.



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21 05 2020

When you e-mailed me with that story, I responded by asking you to write a post here about it, because it gives me the opportunity to tie together a loose end I didn’t back then.

It wasn’t long until these renderings of what the Bloomin’ Onion would look like at the end of 2016, that I started asking myself some questions about it, and then, through my contacts at the time, my theory was confirmed. I never mentioned it in this space, so this gives me the perfect opportunity finally to do so, then make a prediction.

This thing is nothing more than a big fancy overglorified dorm for international trustafarian WU Med students. After all, $1890 for 590 sf? The CWE is expensive by St. Louis standards, but not that expensive. So who would want to pay that? Answer: Someone who doesn’t quite know better. And who fits that category who would want to live in that area? A WU Med student from China with rich parents, e.g.

Which makes me loop around to my prediction.

This thing mentions that the construction timetable was slowed a little bit due to the virus. However, I think the virus will also be the very thing which will mean that the Bloomin’ Onion won’t be a roaring financial success for its developers and managers. It’s because, with the coming soft or hard cold war against China in reaction to their virus treachery, the supply of Chinese med students with rich parents is about to dry up.

You can also kinda see that the very design of this building, which is still out of place, now that I see this video of how it is actually appearing, in contrast to the drawings, is also meant to appeal to transitory internationals.

21 05 2020
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