Real Housewives of Cologne, Episode 6

31 05 2020


I’ll let the colorized version of one of the most memorable scenes in the entire history of television make the biggest announcement of my life.

Once upon a time, supposedly, Orson Welles scolded Ted Fonda to keep his “goddamned crayons” off of Citizen Kane.  But the reality is that colorization has gotten that good.  My very favorite Three Stooges episode was colorized in 2004, and it takes a really sharp and knowledgeable eye to tell that the color isn’t original.

But, back to the good news.

We found out some time during the month.  To protect our security, I’m not going to state here when in the month, so as not to make it easy for anyone to figure out our due date range, which we also already know.  As usual, I’ll tell you only if you ask and I trust you, and I’ll also include the summary of the back story, well, except for the most obvious detail, which all of you can infer.  Said back story contains four elements of special congruence, but that’s all I can say here.

Other than the fact that this is just the prime directive for living organisms on this planet, and we seem like we’re going to fulfill it successfully, the amazing part to this is just how unlikely it and everything that led up to it was for me, and how none of it was supposed to happen, especially as late as two years and change ago.

He or she will be the first grandchild for all four of his or her grandparents, late of my own father, and with the very high odds that my own mother will never see him or her in the flesh.


This has relevance to those two other people that have been a serial feature in this the RHOC series:  My sister-in-law, and her husband, the soyboy-in-law.

First off, the good news is that the one-two-three punch of our actually getting married, the Covid-19 lockdown, and our expecting, have finally forced my sister-in-law to give up on her treachery.  But more than that, and while no actual words have been spoken to prove it, I can see in their body language that these three recent major events are making them do good hard soul searching, to figure out what they really want out of life, and if whatever they decide for themselves going forward involves each other or nah.

So I’m going to make this prediction now:  Two years from today, May 31, 2022, they will be either one of two things but not both:  Parents, or divorced.



10 responses

31 05 2020
Jack Antonio

Fantastic news. Having White children and racial separation are the answer.

31 05 2020

Congratulations…….and many more!

31 05 2020

Norman if it’s a boy.

31 05 2020

If it’s a boy and born on your mid-May birthday, I will. Then again, we’d have to be way way way way way late for it to be mid-May.

31 05 2020
Alex the Goon

Floyd George; but would anyone get the joke a year from now?

31 05 2020

People were talking about a coronavirus baby boom, and at least for us, it’s going to happen. Though the more I think about it, the more I think that the factors working against a very late 2020 and very early 2021 boomlet are as strong as the factors working for them, so it’ll probably be, as St. Louisans call it, a warsh. On the one hand, people had a lot more time with each other in March-April, so you can figure out what they might have been doing, which included us. On the other hand, they might not have wanted to try to turn it into a pregnancy because all this is based on a viral pandemic.

The trend that existed on the tail end of the Enlightenment of the renewed interest in Ancient Greek meant that various Ancient Greek-ish words were integrated into a lot of white languages. Which is why, for example, a specialist that Frau. Blogmeister is now seeing, the name looks pretty much the same in German and English. The practice is “Gynäkologie,” a male practitioner is a “Gynäkologe,” and a female practitioner is a “Gynäkologin.” As for the other part of that practice, in German, the practice is “Geburtshilfe” and the practitioner is “Geburtshelfer,” (lit: “birth help(-er)”). Meaning obstetrics and obstetrician.

31 05 2020
Hard Right

Good news for a change. Congratulations!

31 05 2020
Alright Dan

I wish I could find something to take my mind off of all this bad news.

1 06 2020
2009 Is Calling

Congratulations! I wish both of you and also the new arrival soon all the best.

8 06 2020


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