1 06 2020

Los Angeles


“I saw this on the news earlier tonight,” she added, “and I thought, ‘No way is it really like that out there with the police.’ So I came out to see. And, yeah, it’s really like that. “We’re going to … get the backlash,” Travon Walton, a 25-year-old student from Long Beach, arrived in the Fairfax area in the afternoon to join the protests.

He said he saw many non-black protesters inciting the police from up close and worried that the black community would be blamed. “All the white people are in the front,” he said. “We’re going to be the ones that get the backlash.”

The White Allies Question has been really contentious among POC SJW for a long time.  One faction demands that white allies go to the front lines, in all senses of the phrase, because the theory is that WAs are absolutely necessary for change, because the big bad evil system won’t pay attention to POC, and besides, white people should be the first to fix the messes they made.  The other faction opposes this, because they figure, (correctly, IMHO), that WAs are only in it for some combination of virtue signaling, status signaling, attention seeking, resume-CV-application enhancement, and wolves-please-eat-us-last-ism.

What we have in the current week is a new argument against WAs — That they’re causing the most damage, (which is actually true, because generally, blacks are doing the looting, WAs are doing the major damage), for which black babies’ bodies will get the blame.



5 responses

1 06 2020
Alex the Goon

Iss all a conspuracy yo. If whitey din break dem winduhs, The Proud Black Man wouldn of stole dat sheet.

1 06 2020
Hard Right

Niggers are too stupid to co-ordinate riots.

What’s up with STL? Not much happening there or nobody covering it?

1 06 2020
Hard Right


1 06 2020
Alex the Goon

“You gize ruined it. I so am considering not asking my wife if we can adopt more African kids.”

2 06 2020
Hard Right

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