Suspects in the Capt. Dorn Murder.

5 06 2020

Guest post by Puggg

This is from the SLMPD YouTube.



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5 06 2020
Jack Antonio

I can feel the pain my concerned Black brothers and sisters are feeling. I could cry copious tears like Mayor Frey of Minneapolis. Just think of all the drug deals and scores St. George will never get to make and the armed robberies denied him and the home invasions he will never get to enjoy and the fentanyl highs! And you call this a free country?

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5 06 2020
Hard Right

Somebody just posted it on Kiwi Farms. They all noticed that it was on MLK Drive. One of them pointed out that Missouri has the death penalty.

Hopefully, somebody will recognize one of them. I won’t be much help. They all look the same to me.

7 06 2020

1994 was the last death penalty out of St. Louis City. The current Circuit Attorney is highly unlikely to file for the death penalty, provided the suspects are apprehended.

7 06 2020
9 06 2020

Heads up, puppies. Something’s going to come out today about Cannon. I will spoil it. He should have been in prison right now.

9 06 2020
9 06 2020

Sentenced in 2014. We know what happened in my native area in 2014. So that begs the question: On which side of August 9 was the slap in the hand punishment officially given? Since the incident happened in 2013, and he’s 24 this year, it means he was all of 17 when he did it, which was probably also a factor in him getting a slap on the hand. Combine that with the hypersensitivity from Ferguson, (assuming the sentence was meted out after August 9), and he wasn’t going to no prison.

9 06 2020
David In TN

How many times have we seen a black suspect in a heinous murder whose rap sheet shows over and over and over the proverbial “slaps on the wrist?”

Where is any evidence of the “racist justice system?”

11 06 2020
15 06 2020

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