6 06 2020

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

I’m interrupting my weekend to take this quick moment to make fun of all the utopian dopes who actually think that all this talk about eliminating the police is serious, and not anything more than the idle internet and social media clickbait and election year lumpenproletarian GOTV agitprop that it is. It’s as if they don’t realize that the elites need protection, governments need revenue from tickets and fines, and also a way to extract taxes from unwilling individuals.

No, what will happen in the next few years is a “benign neglect” strategic withdraw from “vibrant” areas, and the resultant Ferguson Effect. But, there will still be police departments. The extreme cynic in me thinks that this will all be used as a convenient excuse to wipe away pension liabilities. And you always have to consider that this is all a pincher strategy, floating obviously extreme ideas out there to make people think they could happen, to scare them into accepting a more “moderate” position which they wouldn’t have wanted if it was proposed by itself.

It’s very similar to this “abolish ICE” talk, which I have already dealt with.  Ironically, when I was in this country as a mere tourist.


If Minneapolis dissolves its police department, primary patrolling duties would default to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and/or the Minnesota State Patrol. Chew on that.

Along with my previously stated cynicism, if major cities do eliminate their local PDs, I think it’s really for a combination of wanting to get out of pension obligations, wanting to unload the very expense of a PD, including insurance (important because of the ghetto lottery), and all in all passing the buck to county sheriff and state police agencies.



7 responses

7 06 2020
David In TN

The Left wants a police force to punish who they want punished.

7 06 2020
Jack Antonio

If they defunded the police it would mean no more money to Israel which trains most major US police forces. Also, no more money for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the ADL and SPLC. They all blackmail US police forces into anti-Semitism, anti-racism ad diversity training.

So, if defunding happened, the shekels would continue to flow to Shlomo and Sharpton via special set-aside programs. One way or another, Whitey will be forced to pay for his own genocide.

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7 06 2020
Hard Right

Privatizing the police might not be such a bad idea.

7 06 2020
Hard Right

7 06 2020
Hard Right

7 06 2020
Hard Right

I bet this scares the hell outta leftists….

7 06 2020
Hard Right

Elmer Fudd stripped of rifle in new Looney Toons cartoon series

Warner Bros is stripping Elmer Fudd of his rifle in a new Looney Tunes cartoon series on HBO Max, handicapping the grumpy hunter as he continues his decades-long pursuit of the wise-cracking Bugs Bunny, according to reports.

The change in the latest incarnation of the iconic animated series is a response to the gun violence in the US, the Telegraph reported.

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