Antifa, Reconsidered

7 06 2020


I’ll do the easier part first.

I now realize that it was a mistake for me to try to use intellectual and psychological methods to analyze Antifa and other associated far left militant street activism.  Because, after I saw this, I now realize that all they’re about is destroying just for the sake of destruction.


Over the past few years, other than some spurts when I wasn’t really able to do much serious thinking, I’ve come to some conclusions about Antifa and other associated far left militant street activist movements, though they have stayed on the tip of my tongue until now.

(1)  The entryism is economic populism, but they latch onto everything else, because they’ve been convinced, largely by those forces that don’t want economic populism, that they must concern themselves the most with the “everything else” in order to get economic populism.

(2)  Our side’s (stretching the point in the definition of “our”) and their side’s (Antifa et al.) troublemakers look damned near like the same kind of people — Just look at mugshots.  Dime thin marginal factors make the difference on which side the given person joins before causing trouble.

(3)  Because so many Antifa (et al.) young people are sons and daughters of pretty well off parents, cognitive regression to the mean plays a role.  They’re not as inherently intelligent as their parents, meaning that just based on that alone, they won’t have as good as a life as their parents.  Combined with everything else, the economic elitism especially, it only makes them mad.

Now, there has been some research that has proven my contentions correct.



2 responses

7 06 2020

The anti-lockdown protests have now been supplanted by the George Floyd protests in this country, on the streets and on the soccer fields.

8 06 2020
Sebastian Hawks

It’s like a real life reenactment of that “Joker” movie. I don’t know if that was incitement or if Todd Phillips was just in tune with the Zeitgeist of Generation Bastard.

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