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8 06 2020


racism small d energy

Screencap of vid from the George Floyd rally in Mainz on Saturday.

Remember, these people have probably not so well endowed white soyboys as allies.

From the same vid, a bit earlier (click to enlarge):

This might seem very familiar to St. Louisans at first glance. Even though you remember.  This protest is on the Mainz and RP side of the Rhine, the Theodor Heuss Bridge in the background.  The other side of the river is Wiesbaden and Hesse, but unlike Mainz, which is right on the Rhine, Wiesbaden’s heart is a bit inland.



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8 06 2020

The videos I’m using. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

The two screenshots are from Part 3, the bridge at 0:29, the other thing at 1:02.

The guy who did these videos lives in nearby Rüsselsheim, and I do not envy him for that.

8 06 2020

Only about twice as bad as the normal weekend in Berlin.

8 06 2020

In somewhat related news, over the weekend, and while it does not seem it was much in the way of news back in the ‘States, it was big news here and continued to be so today, for obvious reasons: The Pentagon wants even further cuts in permanent military personnel presence in Germany.

Silent Majority Germans are very happy.

You’d think the political establishment would also be happy.

Alas, no.

Not only is there near-universal opposition to this, except from the AfD, even the f’n GREEN PARTY, which never met an official armament it didn’t like, either police or military, is in opposition. One of their senior Bundestag officials came out today with the excuse that, (pph and translated): “It wouldn’t be good for Americans.”

I’m left to conclude that most of the German political establishment is nothing more than perpetual adolescents. They hate daddy, they feign wanting independence from daddy, but when the rubber hits the road, they don’t want to go, and admit they need daddy.

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