You Should Know Better Than to Piss Off Italians

16 06 2020

Tower Grove Park

You motherfuckers actually went and did it.

Whoever did it, nice knowing you.  Hope you enjoy the fit and feel of concrete shoes.

Note that this was NOT City Hall’s doings.  Tower Grove Park is a park, but not a St. Louis City park.  It’s run and administered under the aegis of Henry Shaw’s will and estate, and of course, if you’re old enough, you know that the traditional name of the adjoining Missouri Botanical Gardens is Shaw’s Garden.  So, if you’re reading this from The Hill, you won’t be making any concrete shoes for anyone at City Hall.



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16 06 2020

Some reliefs featuring explorers like Pierre Laclède are still on the sides of the monument’s pedestal.

For how much longer? Because someone will figure out he screwed over some Indians, or something like that. Remember, his name graces the Landing, the biggest cab company in St. Louis, the natural gas utility, the UMSL honors college, and the east-west street that serves as the boundary between north and south for house and building numbers along north-south streets that run on both sides of Laclede.

16 06 2020
Alright Dan

You’ve been gone awhile, but they changed the name from Laclede Gas to Spire a few years back.

17 06 2020
Auntie Analogue

No one should feel surprised when the outcry comes to topple the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Gateway Arch. Oh. Wait. The Diversity/Equality Sterilizers have already applied the prophylactic of changing its name to Gateway Arch National Park – as if that’s going to mollify the purgative barbarians.

18 06 2020
Hard Right

BREAKING: Network Solutions Driving to the Dark Web?

This Monday, June15th, Network Solutions, our domain name registrar, suddenly gave us 10 days’ notice of its intention to terminate our account, after some 20 years.


18 06 2020
Alex the Goon

The good news is, Network Solutions hasn’t had a monopoly on domain reg since the 90s. And back then, they never would have done this. Their line in the sand was “no fuck dot com”, and they stole away from People Eating Tasty Animals to the more famous org that slaughters millions of stray dogs and cats in animal shelters.
They also stole WWF from the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, giving it to the greenfags instead. I believe this is why they are now called WWE.

18 06 2020
18 06 2020
Alex the Goon

Ironic that, in England, they couldn’t put an English speaker on the megaphone.

20 06 2020
Dale Gribble

On the Sunday closer to Indigenous peoples day (fka Columbus Say) I pray for forgiveness from my Indigenous brothers and sisters for bringing Nogs to North America

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