Sherman McCoy 2020

27 08 2020

Kenosha, Wisconsin

From what I see, Kyle Rittenhouse acted entirely in self-defense.

On the other hand, there’s no way in Hades in this the current year that I’m using deadly or violent force to protect property that isn’t either my own or that of immediate close family. Not only because the Establishment is always on the hunt for fresh new Sherman McCoys, and not only because we don’t need to be providing the other side with 0.1% examples of whataboutism, but also for a strategic reason: It’s going to take the other side’s violence in order for people to see the consequence of egalitarianism and the religion of anti-racism. The more they wreck, burn, loot, riot and damage, the more obvious that becomes. It’s like housebreaking a dog — Sometimes, you have to let the dog do what a non-housebroken dog will do, and then rub the dog’s nose in it.

His social media presences are full of Blue Lives Matter and siding with cops, and he was involved in the police cadet corps.  So you would have thought that at least one of the experienced men that surround him in his daily life, (veteran cops are the most cynical people going), would have highly advised him against this at the very least, or tried everything they could to talk him out of this at worst, or hog tied him and shoved him in a closet at the worst of the worst.  Failing that, you would have thought that he would have had enough sense to figure these things out on his own.  But, I too was once an adolescent male, so I know how funny the adolescent male brain can be.  Just gotta put on the cape and save the world.  Because we already know everything and have all the answers.

Just as, sometimes, the best help you can be to someone is no help at all, the best way to save the world is not to.



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27 08 2020

It’s why Hunter Wallace has been screaming at the top of his keyboard for especially our sector and in general the right of center to stay away from these shindigs. It’s not only because we want the other side to own it and all the consequences, but we also don’t want to confuse the issue and the politics, and willingly grab a share of the blame for ourselves.

27 08 2020
Hard Right

Didn’t know he had room for a keyboard under his bed.

27 08 2020
David In TN

Sherman McCoy was Tom Wolfe’s Great White Defendant in The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Wolfe invented the Great White Defendant catch phrase. The Establishment NEVER uses it. Funny thing, most of the MSM’s crime coverage is geared to finding and publicizing the GWD but they don’t admit it.

Well, there are a lot of things they don’t admit.

The only black on white murder trial that has ever been a National Morality Play was the O.J. Simpson farce. And that became an anti-white diatribe.

Every police shooting involves a black career criminal resisting arrest. That’s the best the Establishment can do. They can’t find an instance in which five white dirt bags kidnap and torture-murder an attractive black middle class couple.

The police shooting of a violent black criminal fighting the police is always “racist, white racism, etc.”

The “random’ black on white murder was “not about race,” or “no racial motive has been found.”

You’d think by the law of averages a black on white murder that was “racial” would happen, wouldn’t you?

28 08 2020
Alex the Goon

strategic reason: It’s going to take the other side’s violence in order for people to see the consequence of egalitarianism and the religion of anti-racism. The more they wreck, burn, loot, riot and damage, the more obvious that becomes.
Strategic failure, because everyone forgets. Fear is forgotten. If we weren’t biologically programmed to forget fear, we’d have never left the caves.
Lock yourself in your car when the niggers block the freeway.
Lock yourself in the house when the other niggers burn the neighborhood stores.
Lock yourself in the bathroom when the other other niggers with bullhorns scream that they own your house.
Maybe you can vote your way out of it, if it all happens on Halloween of an election year. In an off year, the really bold ones will take the drastic measure of selling their home. The only thing anyone ever learns is not to fight. The fear is always forgotten. They all forgot the 60s. They forgot Rodney King, and O.J., Hurricane Latrina, NoLimitNigger, Ferguson, every single His Name Was on SBPDL. They forgot why we lynched them in the first place. All forgotten. After all that shit, any of that shit, everyone should be saying FTN, not BLM. But where are we today? People get cancelled and killed for “daring” to say ALM.
The future has hope though. Today I drove past a young White guy selling Trump shirts and hats on the sidewalk. He had a prospective customer. An old Negro Of Colored Gentleman. NANALT was all I could think about for the next minute or so. I actually felt that RINOcuck glow in my heart as I realized that Trump’s gonna have 4.5% of these niggers voting Republican the next 200 years. Maybe 4.49% from 2024 to 2220, as this one looked a bit aged.

29 08 2020
Hard Right

Wouldn’t it be amusing if niggers got Trump re-elected?

President Trump’s approval rating jumped 9 points, with black voters, this week during the RNC convention.

28 08 2020

All three of Kyle’s “victims” were involved with the law somehow, one of them a registered sex offender. That really is a nice bunch of people there on the other side.

28 08 2020

Donut Operator did a nice recap of the events. He couldn’t confirm the registered sex offender, but yeah, the other two look likely to have had more than a few brushes with law enforcement.

Here’s his video (YT has it on the watch list since he’s on the wrong side of history so it may disappear, heh:

28 08 2020

I’ve seen that the alleged RSO was an actual RSO. So it’s three for three. You figure, you pick out three people at random from the American population, and what are the odds that all three are either convicted felons or those who have had serious involvement with law enforcement for not so good reasons? Considering the law of averages, it’s easy to conclude that this is a cluster not a coincidence, and that Antifa/BLM and far left street militancy in general is a honeypot for some really bad elements of society.

28 08 2020
David In TN

The late Lawrence Auster called these creeps “enemies of society,” a moniker they would undoubtedly embrace.

29 08 2020
29 08 2020
Alex the Goon

what a little fasciss raciss, infringing Americans’ free speech rights by erasing their justice slogans such as “Black Looters Matter” and “ABAC”.

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