What the Anti-Lockdown Protests Are Really All About

27 08 2020


Even if those who are organizing them and participating them don’t realize it.

Dateline Berlin, because, yesterday, the Berlin city-state’s interior ministry (German parlance for the combination of police chief and attorney general, or cops and prosecutors), ordered the cancellation of this coming weekend’s planned anti-lockdown protests.  All the while, spending no such effort to shut down the left wing, which will be up to their usual violent antics this weekend, just like last weekend, and the one before that, and the one before that…etc…

But it got me to thinking about the politically heterogeneous anti-lockdown movement, what’s really driving it, what’s the heat and energy source.

[Snip about 10,000 words of blah blah]

In summary, even if they don’t know it, they’re mad that the virus, the overreaction to the virus, the lockdowns, are going to result in fundamental economic changes which only serve to redistribute income and wealth from labor to capital and from working and middle classes to the small coterie of the world’s richest individuals.



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27 08 2020

The same interior ministry which did this has not prohibited the planned counterprotests to the protests they prohibited, and those will probably go on even though that which they are counterprotesting won’t. How is that even possible? You don’t know Berlin.

27 08 2020

27 08 2020

The main organizers of the (trans.:) Lateral Thinking 711 organization, the main organizational energy behind the anti-lockdown protest movement in Germany, is instead going to organize many tiny mini-protest pods in Berlin on Saturday. Where’s Johnny Cash when you need him?

29 08 2020

Two different courts made emergency rulings yesterday during the day and then overnight, permitting the rally to go ahead. It did happen today, but the Berlin cops engaged in strategic closures of streets and other pathways to keep the attendance from being too high. Of course, it was political, and either at the direct orders or the indirect moral suasion of Berlin’s interior minister (whose last name translates into English as “hostage”).

But, it did happen, and the worst case scenario, the authorities weaponizing Antifa or other counters, didn’t happen. Of course, Antifa in Berlin are getting busy for their usual weekend night violent antics against cops and others, and that should get going here probably in an hour or two.

30 08 2020

In spite of two court orders, the cops in Berlin tried to engage in a strategic pattern of street and walkway closures. It didn’t prevent the rally from happening, but it kept the attendance overall down and the crowd at any one reasonable venue down. Of course, I was fearing the worst, because we all know from three years ago what authorities can do if they don’t want you having an event in their city, and it’s not like Berlin doesn’t have a ready made army of Antifa ready and willing at a moment’s notice.

Some of the people who were there yesterday stuck around and had an impromptu second rally today.

As usual, it was a heterogeneous crowd, but in terms of the politics of those who were there for political motivations, this event way more than any other similar one since they started in Germany, yesterday was dominated by left wing anti-vaxxers. Unconfirmed rumor that RFK Jr (an anti-vax activist) was in town for that reason. A city where his uncle was and remains beloved.

31 08 2020

Official Germany is losing its mind because a small group of people, a few of them with the flag of the German entity that built the Reichstag, that being the 1871-1918 Empire, climbed the steps of the Reichstag on Saturday. The small group that did that actually had many flags – There was even a Confederate Battle Flag among them. But all the outrage is coming from the Imperial era flags.

The hysteria is being driven by the fact that Kaiserreich symbols are mostly used by the Reichsbürger, a movement that the German media has also lost its mind over. I’ve written about them here several times in the past.

31 08 2020

Actually, I haven’t written that much here about them, so I’ll repost one of my old AR comments.


First off, they’re not neo-Nazis, in the proper sense of the word; That is a slander. They, generically known as Reichsbürger (Reich citizens), or this particular group, Geeinte Deutsche Völker und Stämme (GdVuSt), “United German Peoples and Tribes,” believe that the transition from the Kaiserreich to the Weimar Republic at the end of World War I was illegal. They are merely the most eccentric expression of what is a growing society-wide mainstream sentimentalism for the Empire, mainly because those years were both the peak of Germany as a really independent world power and without the problematic moral hangups of, shall we call it, a later regime. Point being, their ideal is before 1914, not after 1933.

(Note: That this group and the movement do long for the Empire demonstrates they are not American extreme libertarian sovereign citizen types, as what little coverage the American media give them insinuates. How many extreme libertarians rely on language like uniting peoples and tribes?)

Now, the main problem with them, in my opinion, is this: Fine, they say the transition from Empire to Weimar was illegal. But, how far down that Kaninchenbau do you want to go? Using the same reasoning, the transition from the HRE to the transitional arrangements in the time period after Napoleon but before Unification was illegal. Etc, etc. The ultimate problem with Reichsbürger ideology, in my mind, isn’t criminal, but a poor understanding of powerology, the nature of power itself.

That, and the Empire wasn’t all peaches and cream. As an appetizer, it was generally more societally permissible to be Jewish than Catholic in the Imperial years, largely owning to Prussian anti-Catholic contempt.

31 08 2020

Confirmed that RFK Jr was there, and he even used his uncle’s famous “Berliner” line. Note: Miss me with the jelly doughnut crap, nobody at the time thought he said jelly doughnut. That thing was a several years after the fact tall tale.

There’s talk about setting up a permanent protest encampment in Berlin. The main problem with that is the Aesopian belling the cat problem. Who’s going to be able to be there? The way the anti-lockdown rallies are being held now, catch as catch can, they are politically heterogeneous, both in terms of normies versus the politically charged, and the ideological distribution of those who are politically charged. But if you’re going to ask people to stick around indefinitely, then it means that those who can’t won’t, while only those who could will. Normies, most of those to the right of center, and the few remaining labor- and trade-oriented social democrat types, have jobs and careers, so they can’t. Which means that all you’ll be left with are people who are honestly the same kind of vagrants, vagabonds and bums as that other group that already has a permanent protest encampment in Berlin. Which means, considering this past weekend, the anti-vax left, especially the eccentric half of that movement, will be the ones in these protest camps. And that will eventually deter everyone else.

Which means, far from the German media and political establishment preening today about the anti-lockdown movement being taken over by “right wing extremists,” the real co-option thread is from anti-vax leftist eccentrics.

31 08 2020

One thing that has changed all of a sudden is that the German establishment is suddenly back in love with law enforcement.

That, and:

1 09 2020
Hard Right

Wow. I missed all this. Thanks :)

I’d go with the HRE. It technically still exists. The Emperor didn’t have the power to dissolve it.

1 09 2020

Talk about permanent barricades around the Reichstag. Personally, I think using the people that ran up the steps with flags is just the excuse. They’re using them as the excuse for their real fear: The truck drivers of peace.

1 09 2020

The woman who encouraged the people with flags to walk up the Reichstag steps (but didn’t do it herself) is from Aachen, and is a left wing hippie type who uncharacteristically worships Trump, think he’s going to save Germany, (in a way, though, he recently did), and believes in Q.

1 09 2020

The talk through the day that Tamara K., (one comment above), is a left wing agitator in drag has been increasing, but it doesn’t impress me. First off, she’s already a left winger, open anti-vax type. But she just goes off res with her worship of Trump and belief in Q.

Besides, even if she was an agitator, what did she agitate? A bunch of people walking up the Reichstag steps and waving a bunch of disparate flags.

7 09 2020
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