First Draft

31 08 2020


Today is the five year anniversary of Angela Merkel saying “Wir schaffen das.”

What most people don’t know is that that was the fourth and final draft.

The first draft used “Weil ich das sage.”

The second draft used “Halt die Klappe, und zahlt deine Steuern.”

The third draft used “Wenn Sie anderer Meinung sind, schicken wir Antifa, um Ihr Auto in Brand zu setzen.”



4 responses

31 08 2020

Heads up:

I’ve already told a few of you in private.

Sonogram results reveal tomorrow, here, and more associated thoughts. I’ll probably write and upload it noon-ish-or-so my time, adjust accordingly for your time zone.

31 08 2020
Hard Right

She managed to get re-elected, so I don’t guess it hurt her too much. The CDU must have the same problems as the Stupid Party.

1 09 2020

As long as the economy was good…

1 09 2020

You may have read five years ago during the big news of the refugee flood that a single tweet from a German immigration bureaucrat set it all off.

Here is that Tweet, August 25, 2015, the agency, BAMF, is the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (“Federal Office for Migration and Refugees”). Translated, the Tweet reads: “As of the present time, we are not substantively pursuing any [deportation — ed.] proceedings against Syrian nationals.” This was blatantly against EU conventions, namely the Dublin Regulations (hence the #Dublin hashtag). Which is why Merkel’s demands that other EU member countries share the burden were hypocritical, because she was switching up from using the EU to violating the EU for her own purposes. That and it’s hard to call these people a “burden” because she herself said that they were all Ph.Ds in hard sciences and that they’d enrich Germany — That doesn’t sound like a “burden” whose negative affects have to be distributed.

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