The Current Year Never Disappoints

10 09 2020

Yucaipa, California

Gender reveal parties should have never been A Thing, because they aren’t really about the anticipated baby(-ies), they’re really about the narcissism of the expectant parents, esp. the mother.

And now, thanks to one of these things starting a massive Southern California wildfire, there’s now a push to de-Thing them.

Does this mean that people are coming around to my way of thinking, that people shouldn’t be so narcissistic?

Fat chance. You don’t know the current year, brother.

No, the reason for the budding movement against GRPs is because of “gender,” the woke/SJW gender bender nonsense, the “genderbread spectrum” drivel.


Even Jenna Karvunidis, the blogger widely credited with popularizing gender reveal parties, has had enough, writing on Facebook this week: “Stop having these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you.”

A woman popularized these things, and these parties are largely for the benefit of women.  Left to the devices of men, these things would have never been invented.  Unless the men were gay, in which case they would have, just to have another reason to organize a theatrical production.  But now that they’re suddenly becoming politically un-woke at “best” and dangerous fire hazards at worst, Karvunidis, the inventor of these things, is now trying to pawn it off on expectant fathers tooting their “It’s a Boy” horns.  Natur-fucking-ally.

Even when gender reveal parties don’t cause this kind of overt harm, these examples of death and destruction are still an apt metaphor for the detrimental effects of their deeper cultural message. A pyrotechnical display of pink or blue reflects a toxic glee at boxing our babies into binary gender categories that may not reflect who they are. By slapping a color code on our little ones (and plastering it all over the internet) before they even enter the birth canal, we are removing entirely their sense of agency to develop their own gender identities and to control that identity online. We are completely erasing the spectrum of social and biological diversity when it comes to gender.

Those who do not fit into the binary gender categories — whether they are transgender, nonbinary or simply don’t fit the stereotypes (I am a perfect example of someone with female genitalia who doesn’t feel particularly female and who loathes the color pink, anything frilly, and who will never feel right being addressed as “ma’am”) — already face an uphill battle when it comes to navigating the world and finding acceptance and fair treatment. Transgender people are particularly vulnerable to discrimination and violence, and rituals like gender reveal parties only reinforce a system of inequity that marginalizes the trans community.

Speaking of the author’s sense of self-confusion, just look at the pic of her CNN puts up, and that explains everything.

I don’t know if this is true, and if it’s not, please insert your dime in the comment boxes, but I read somewhere that Jenna Karvundis’s own child, the subject of the very first GRP, is now a 12-year old boy who just came out as gender non-binary.  (At 12, WTF?)  I don’t know whether to think that’s ironic or apropos;  Ironic because the child from the world’s first gender reveal party doesn’t want to be officially affixed to a gender, apropos because he is every bit his attention-seeking mother’s attention-seeking son.


When Frau. and I found out that they’re going to be twin sons Monday before last, we immediately told critical relatives and quasi-relatives on both my side and her side, but waited until my father-in-law got home, because he wanted it that way, even though we could have called him the moment we knew.  Then I told the world the next day.  But, there was no way in hell we were going to throw one of these stupid parties.  No way I would have wanted one in a zillion years, and Frau., being a traditionally-minded German, wouldn’t want to be that kind of show-off at least so publicly.  Now, if my sister-in-law and her husband ever have a child, better than even money she’ll want to throw one, even though both of them have done a lot of growing up this year;  They haven’t matured quite that much, and both have mostly succumbed to Americanization pressure.



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10 09 2020

“Speaking of the author’s sense of self-confusion, just look at the pic of her CNN puts up, and that explains everything.”
— Yuck…or take my advice and don’t ;-)

10 09 2020
Sebastian Hawks

When at Shelton Fireworks in Indiana a couple years ago I was browsing the smoke section when I saw these two “toilet paper core tube” sized smoke devices one in pink and one in blue saying it’s a boy and it’s a girl so this must be what they had. I bought the regular smoke stuff and they can start out pouring out a flame like a bunsen burner for several seconds, rolling all over the place before the device begins to smoke because the force of the exhaust acts like a rocket sending it across the cul de sac where I laid it out. Yep, I can see how those things could have started a fire out there.

10 09 2020
Alright Dan

de-Thing them

Come up with that one yourself?

21 09 2020
Alex the Goon

Current Year ain’t over yet.
Streetshitter can’t afford reveal party; slices pregnant wife open to see baby’s sex. Congrats, it was a boy. Was.

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