14 09 2020

Your Blogmeister’s German Desk

Hamilton and Burr, eat your hearts out.  You thought dueling was dead.


Dueling narratives in the current month:

* A movie about the sexually suggestive behavior of 11-year old girls isn’t pedophilia, you’re a right wing conspiracy theorist if you think it is

* 40-something men in relationships with 20-something women are pedophiles

Humorously, the pedodefenders are trying to pawn all the disgust for that movie off on this Q business, though I should say, if you’re trying to debunk a conspiracy theory, the last thing you should do is provide evidence of the theory’s fundamental claims.  For the record, I don’t think there’s any Q, I think it was one or a few bored trolls with too much time on their hands a few years ago who understand the nature of the internet and the nature of certain social and political sectors, who just made something up out of thin air that they figured would spread, wound it up and let it loose.

I also think that the explanation for this paradox is that the crowd that wants to normalize pedophilia in the mold of Cuties and the crowd that wants to extend the definition of pedophilia to include 40s-M-on-20s-W are different people with different agendas;  The first crowd are mostly random perverts that any given society will always have thanks to the Law of Averages, but have been able to creep (pun intended) their way up through the kinds of institutions they need to make it happen due to a combination of Modernism and parentheticalism, and the second crowd are mostly post-wall 40-something women who, because they’re also making the Long March through the Institutions, are trying to use their newfound power to manipulate the rules of society and the sexual marketplace, because they want 40-something men to start looking at them instead of looking at their half-their-age competitors.  Or sometimes, they’re the 20-something women that 40-something men aren’t interested in, so they’re trying to shame the 40-something men away from any 20-something women out of pure sour grapes.


Dueling headlines in the German media this morning and afternoon:

* We must take in the Moria refugees

* Critical German industries are making permanent layoffs

Really though, this isn’t 2015, the German economy was already starting to slump before Covid hit, so they’re not even trying to make an argument about the need for more workers.  It also proves that the “more workers” argument from five years ago was disingenuous (and we all knew that), and they’ll find any excuse.  The new one is (translated):  “We have space.”  Yes, Germany has space, in the kinds of places that immigrants don’t want to be.   Many of the 15ers who were settled in smaller cities and rural areas have already left for big cities, where there is anything but extra space.

The important but unheralded news about Moria we found out last week was that it looks like open borders German NGO hacks set the fires (possibly using time bombs) themselves, the Hegelian Dialect reason should be obvious, and yes, you see what I did there.


Open thread, about this or anything else.



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14 09 2020
Alright Dan

Lots of pictures of Dangelo Dorsey on the St. Louis news stations, but I had to go to one in Nashville to see a picture of the victims.


14 09 2020
14 09 2020
15 09 2020

Hookah Bars wind up being in the bad news section in Germany once every two to three weeks. I think there’s going to be more to that story than initially meets the eye.

14 09 2020
15 09 2020

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