Get Famous and Die Tryin’

14 09 2020

Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Compton, California

What I have figured out today, which I’m sure others have already done, and in all honesty, I should have done long before now, is that the post May 24 reality in the United States is creating a dangerous OODA feedback loop for the kind of underclass black people with no prospects and nothing to lose. I think they’ve figured out by now that all they have to do is either take out after cop totally unprovoked, or take advantage of a typical stop or accost and then take out after the cop, forcing the cop to defend him or herself with lethal or some kind of risky force. It’s because they must now realize that it will make them into a martyr, and one or more BLM/Antifa mobs will riot on behalf of them. And we all know that a certain demographic loves quick and easy “get rich and famous quick” schemes, even if it costs them their lives, which, like I said, weren’t worth anything anyway.



3 responses

14 09 2020
David In TN

Though it has stepped up in recent months, this behavior has existed a long time, since the 60’s at least.

In his 2008 book, The Criminal Justice Club, by former LA County prosecutor Walt Lewis, he wrote of how “many suspects have no fear or respect for police officers. When officers try to arrest them, sometimes they will come flying at the police swinging both fists.”

Walt Lewis was a LA County Deputy DA from 1968-2000. You can get his book off Amazon or at

This is why around 2015 our then-President intoned something like, “Body Cams don’t tell the whole story.”

15 09 2020
Hard Right

Niggers can’t think that far ahead.

16 09 2020
Sebastian Hawks

When I see some of these underclass 75 IQ bums in Walmart with the crass, mannerless Sistah’ dragging around a kid I wonder “Who ordered up more of these worthless people?” Seriously, what kind of a King would want his populace to shift to being composed of these people? Like a farmer having his corn seeds replaced by the useless grass that 10,000 years ago was meticulously manipulated over thousands of generations to become modern corn? Margret Sanger was right over 100 years ago, if they would have sterilized them back then maybe we would have been spared all these problems. And the irony is the “cuck” servatives on the radio always go so out of their way to criticize Margret Sanger for an idea she was exactly correct on.

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