2020 in the United States, Already 2020-y Enough, Has Just Gotten a Lot More 2020-ier

20 09 2020

Washington, D.C.

Just what the American current year needed, an open SCOTUS pick that will result in an ideological shift on the court, in the middle of all this.

2020 is either some special point of significance in the spacetime continuum, or it could all be just a coincidence.

Open thread.



4 responses

20 09 2020

This comes at the best possible time, libs are already completely frayed from the tribulations of this year (and the past three) and negative emotional energy promises to completely burn them out by November 3…there’s still over a month, but this distracts and weakens them at a critical time.

21 09 2020

Think about it.

A country born out of rebellion against the notion that one person should have unilateral power over public policy and affairs has ended up in a situation where one person has unilateral power over public policy and affairs. Gay “marriage” exists in the entirety of the United States because of one person and one person only, that being Anthony Kennedy.

22 09 2020
Honest Ape

You’re right about AK … thats why hes the only person I’ve ever redacted

21 09 2020
Hard Right

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