“The Irony of the Situation”

24 09 2020

On this clickbait business of “I’m not going to let my Trump-loving father see his grandkids.”

First off, the author, one Leo Guinan, has modified his original article in order to do everything but openly admit that the original article was pure clickbait.

But in his walking back, he states that:

The writer, who described himself as being “toward the liberal end of the spectrum,” noted that he realized the irony of the situation when he found himself the topic of discussion on the Rush Limbaugh show.

“I realized that polarizing behavior was what social media emphasizes, and it caught me too,” he wrote, admitting that when he “started publishing to social media” his personal perspective, he was attempting to gain followers and “influence people to read my writing.”

Now, even if you want to believe that he actually ever intended to cut father off from grandkids, and I doubt it, there is an even bigger “irony of the situation” besides the fact that his intent to go viral went viral in ways he never intended.

He was using his personal ethnonationalist imperative (his control over his own children vis-a-vis his own father) because he despises the supposed ethnonationalist politics of the current President.

Or, to put it another way, he wanted to cut his father off from his grandkids because his father votes Trump, but his father votes Trump because he cares about his grandkids.




3 responses

24 09 2020
David In TN

A long-time observation of mine is that people on the left are clueless about irony.

Or in the case of a particular group, too stupid to understand it.

24 09 2020
Alex the Goon

“Due to the signs in the yard, my wife’s kids and I will not be down.”

26 09 2020
Sebastian Hawks

What really is so horrible about Trump anyway? His positions are pretty standard pre 2008, the left is just throwing a hissy fit because they saw the ascendancy of Obama as the death of White Christian America and there wasn’t supposed to ever be any stirrings out of that dead corpse ever again. What they didn’t understand was that Obama won because of a hatred of what the white working class in the rust belt saw in the Republican Establishment who joyfully shipped all their jobs off to China. Trump won in the key states that switched because of rhetoric against globalism, white women in Michigan actually thought he might be able to bring their job back from China and they could quit their 28 hours a week minimum wage job at the Dollar General as well as their second job at Arbys.

Trump’s agenda is what people thought they were getting in GW Bush in 2000. Sad thing is I think the Bush years were really the last chance to turn this thing around and first of all stop the immigration that 20 years later has probably made this a one party state. Secondly a lot of factories were still here in 2000 that were long gone by 2008. This train wreck could have been averted much more peacefully then than now. WW2 and Silent Generation men were still around in large numbers to be revolted by the cultural left, Generation Bastards’ brainwashing had yet to occur. I’m sure the New York Establishment would have fought a patriotic regime that tried to reverse course in 2000, impeachment and defamation would have kicked in full throttle same as now, but the battle would have been a lot easier then than now.

Seriously, what is so beyond the pale about Trump? Would any of his policies have been controversial during the Reagan Administration? When the left talks about how “dangerous to democracy” he is they are projecting their own freudian intentions for us and telling us what the hope we don’t do to stop them. They are telling us they have Bela Kuhn’s Hungary in store for us and they are hoping we don’t put force a General Pinochet, General Franco, or a General Suharto to stop them.

This degenerate Bastard Son of the Great Nation that put men on the moon surviving by eating a previous generation’s seed corn is a bad influence on the world. They see what we did, then look at us now to learn “the secret of our success” and think democracy, feminism, gay rights, woke crap, etc was always a part of America rather than a disease during our dying phase and think by imitating it they will become like we were. Nations that had stable non-democratic governments were forced to take on the decadent trappings of death because they though the world’s leading nation was heading for further greatness rather than suicide. The good news is this is starting to change and people are noticing the decadence and decline verses the stability of autocratic nations that don’t let a globalist media trick the degenerate masses into a suicidal course through the contemptible form of government known as “democracy.”

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