30-Jahre Wiedervereinigung

1 10 2020



Because of the virus hysteria, the official functions and events have been spread out over a month and over many places.  The actual day and place therefore will have a much lower key observance, compared to what it would have been but for the hysteria.  However, I’ve got an “in,” which in turn also means that five other people have an “in.”  So we’re rolling six deep on a train to Berlin later today.  Train instead of driving, because we don’t want to risk an accident, with Frau. being in the state that she’s in.  No way any one of us would have tolerated a pregnant woman now in her third trimester on the A2 mad house meat grinder between Dortmund and Berlin.  So we’ll outsource our worrying to Deutsche Bahn, you know, because Germany and Europe is yours.

I’ve already gone over the relevant history in this space two years ago.

And of course I was in Berlin back on November 9 for the 30th anniversary of Mauerfall, the falling of the wall, or the start of the process which resulted in that.

Wieder = Again. Verein = Club, team, association, organization, society (generally concrete sense). The suffix -igung is the equivalent of -ization or -ification in English. So, put it all together, you have Again-Club-Ification, literally translating the parts. Or, Reunification, in proper context.



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1 10 2020

I’ve gotten to Berlin just in time to see that Official Berlin is saddling up to cancel Martin Luther.

When I got my steady mental coherence back in mid-November 2017, I saw that in the about two weeks between the official 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses (October 31) and that time, there was a lot of “cancel Luther b/c zomg anti-Semite” clickbait articles from the American mainstream and clickbait-left media. So it’s not as if this hasn’t been in the works.

Also, there is a continuing Jihad against the “Judenrat” carving in Wittenberg.

1 10 2020
Alex the Goon

Luther was a fervent anti-anti-Christ. That’s why an entire Christian denomination is named after him.

1 10 2020
David In TN

Some years ago I was reading a historian who knew a lot about Martin Luther. He wrote something like, “If Martin Luther was alive when Hitler took power, his moral courage would have made him speak out against Hitler. Martin Luther would have been the first one silenced by the Nazi regime.”

4 10 2020

The big political speeches yesterday were in Potsdam, which means I missed them, even though I already knew I wasn’t going to be missing much. I already knew that those speeches would be nothing more than celebrating the 30th anniversary of the American vassal called “Bundesrepublik Deutschland” gaining new territory, but then zomg Trump Putin Orban and the AfD lol. And my initial guess turned out to be correct for the most part.

What struck me about yesterday was that it was way more Schizophreniestag than Deutsche Einheitstag, even among people who were there for bona fide reasons. Covid forced the scaling back of everything, but I think that, even if Covid didn’t happen, I still think that yesterday would have been different from 30-Jahre Mauerfall, last November, and as you know, I also went to that. Yesterday seemed like it was being observed just for the sake of being observed, while last November 9 was actually a joyous anniversary.

And I think the difference has to do with what those days were 30 years ago when they happened. I’ve already told you nearly all of the story of the time frame that it actually happened, October 7, 1989 to October 3, 1990. I can add that what I observed back then after it was all over was that 10/3/90 was the anti-climactic reasonable conclusion that everyone knew was inevitable after the events of 11/9/89. I think that’s why, 30 years after the fact, Mauerfall is a more joyous anniversary than Wiedervereinigung.

However, one thing it taught me, both the German and Eastern European chain of events starting on what was ironically 40-Jahre DDR on October 7, 1989, is that things can change in a hurry. Hoeneker and Caucesceau were both at that event — Eleven days later, the former was out of a job and out of power, and 80 days later, the latter was totally out of existence. I think what ails us could very well fall apart just as quickly.

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