2 10 2020

Washington, D.C.

Two people have contracted a virus that most people will eventually get.

What were the odds, right?

You may remember a few months ago the news that Trump’s doctors that they had him on a preventative preemptive HCL regimen, largely because his age makes him a big risk category for symptoms being debilitating or worse on the likely possibility that he would get the virus in question.

Note: Research out of my native city, WU Med specifically, states that at any one time, the average person is carrying around an average of five viruses. Of course, you all knew that virology and immunology is a perpetual cat-and-mouse game.



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2 10 2020

It’s why I’m dismayed at the lack of rationality when it comes to this particular virus in this particular year. Obviously, it’s not the Bubonic Plague, and it’s not even the 1918 Flu. However, the Law of Averages means that eventually, there will be another Bubonic Plague. Just like there will be The Big One in L.A., a civilizations-wrecking supervolcano, and a mass extinction event causing asteroid strike.

What I fear is that the “legit” public authorities have cried wolf so many times with this Sars-CoV-2 relative non-problem, that, when the next Bubonic Plague actually does come, when there actually is a wolf…

2 10 2020

Some time next week, here, I’ll have a short essay about why this sudden outbreak of preening about “white supremacy” in the United States is misplaced. I don’t know if I’ve ever discussed it here, in this space, but I know I’ve written and talked about it elsewhere. I’ll give you a sneak peek now: It has to do with two wildly different definitions of “white supremacy” in mainstream circulation in the United States.

3 10 2020
Hard Right

3 10 2020
Hard Right

Tweets wishing for Trump’s death violate Twitter policy, company says


Platform says abusive tweets about the president, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 this week, could result in suspension

A spokesperson from the company told Motherboard it is suspending some users but will not act on every tweet.

4 10 2020
Hard Right

Let’s be careful out there, guys.

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