Wooden Beats Schoolmarm, By Default

8 10 2020

Salt Lake City

I watched about a half hour of the replay of Pence-Harris this afternoon.

Neither one clearly won on content.

So it came down to presentation.

Pence was his usual unoffensive wooden self. But that beat Harris just by default, because she came across as a preachy preening desperate schoolmarming borderline cult leader.

I’m sure she reminds a lot of people of that one annoying teacher they had in the latter half of elementary school, somewhere between the third and the fifth grade, the one that got on your nerves about how you weren’t allowed to use the restroom whenever you wanted, and constantly correcting you on your slight errors in the use of punctuation.

If Kamala Harris were a somewhat more intense version of her last night self last night, she would have been:



4 responses

8 10 2020
David In TN

I had the annoying teacher in the sixth grade. Ironically, she was a good friend of my parents. Likely because of that, she would often snap at me.

I was the only boy in the class who passed to the next grade. All the others had to repeat the sixth grade.

8 10 2020
Hard Right

Five minutes was too much for me. I left the tab open, but I wasn’t really paying any attention to it. Completely missed the fly.

8 10 2020
Alex the Goon

Invite the third world, you get the third world, flies included.

12 10 2020
Hard Right

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

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