Time, The Great Vindicator

21 10 2020

Me, February 14, 2018:

My spidey sense informs me that de Leon actually does differ from Feinstein on Israel and Military-Industrial Complex.

Me, July 18, 2018:

Two, taboo issues that are representative of the left’s own internal schism.  Remember my analysis of Dianne Feinstein vs Kevin De Leon? I told you there, and it applies in NY-14-D, that military-industrial complex and Israel were factors, even though it is impermissible in polite political society to talk about the latter.  Jenny from the Block [AOC — Ed.] in NY-14-D, just like Kevin’s Underground Rave in CA-Jungle, was smart enough not to come out against the MIC and Israel in public, but was clever enough to have underground subordinates do that on her behalf and behind one or more layers of plausible deniability.  Though the late breaking news in the last several days is that Jenny from the Block is starting to get more comfortable in being public with her anti-Israel sentiments.  Whether it’s Kevin’s Underground Rave or DiFi in the Senate from California, or Joe Crowley or Jenny from the Block in the House from NY-14, they would vote alike close to 100% of the time in the Senate or House.  So when it comes to Democrat-left internecine politics that are so obviously contentious and divisive in public view, I infer that taboo issues are the underground heat and energy source.

Me, August 8, 2018 (as a comment):

One point I missed is that if you swap out Clay for Bush, the voting record would be 99% the same. But the differences between Clay and Bush are what I’ve been saying for months that they are in these internecine Democrat-left politics where the title card combatants otherwise seem to be identical: Military Industrial Complex, and Israel. I think Bush would vote against MIC and Israel in ways that Clay would not.

As you know, Cori Bush was able to knock Clay off this year.

A tweet from yesterday:

S. H. T. F.

But it’s not as if I didn’t warn you.



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