27 10 2020

Rural Northern Hesse

Another one of my long term type predictions is starting come more and more true.

Me, November 4, 2019:

I have written this prediction elsewhere, but I see that I have not yet written it here in this medium. So this news, and the fact that it revolves around fare dodging on public transportation, or as the Germans put it ironically, a Schwarzefahrer, gives me the opportunity to do that for the record.

Within the next several years, Wokeness Inc. will start demanding that intra-city public transportation be free of charge for everyone. I understand that this demand has already been lodged in relatively fringe SJW circles, but I think it will actually cross the blood-birdbrain barrier into the left-of-center mainstream in the next few years.

I was remiss then not to make it more clear and obvious that the reason for this demand, at least in the United States, is that enforcing laws against fare dodging has a disparate impact on black babies’ bodies.

Yesterday, a bunch of greenie weenie and far left types held overpass protests, mainly in and around Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, to protest the extension of the Autobahn route A49, hence the #KeineA49 (“No A49”) hashtag. All it is, is building about 30 miles of new freeway in rural northern Hesse to close a gap, so that vehicle traffic between Frankfurt and Hamburg has a more straight shot, and it would also create an alternative for traffic between Frankfurt and Berlin, and probably also help Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen.

You’ll also note the English language hashtag.

Other than the fact that there’s too much English in Germany, one could have done “Nein Autos” in place of “No Cars” without worrying about space, there’s a reason why English was used in #FreePublicTransport. It’s because, if they would have used German, it would have been…

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27 10 2020

Speaking of Germany and cars, you might have heard that Audi is buying Bentley. That’s actually not it — Audi, Bentley and Porsche are already VW subsidiaries, (among many others), and WV brass is shuffling papers, changing Bentley from under Porsche’s management to under Audi’s, because they guess that a Bentley is more like an Audi than a Porsche.

27 10 2020
Alex the Goon

one could have done “Nein Autos” in place of “No Cars”
Kein Autos?

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