Politics, Culture and Streams

27 10 2020

Los Angeles

David Cole’s latest.

Cole and I are on the same wavelength.

The Breitbartesque axiom, “politics are downstream from culture,” I think is a deceptive half truth. The late great Sam Francis also made the same point, and, in the years since he’s been gone, it’s one of my rare posthumous disagreements with him.

The problem with that bon mot isn’t that politics aren’t or are never downstream from culture, it’s that those who repeat it mean it in the sense that politics are always and only ever downstream and culture is always and only ever upstream.

In reality, politics can be downstream from culture, or they can be upstream from culture. Likewise, culture can be upstream from politics, or downstream from politics.

The better way to think about it is this: Politics and culture have a dynamic relationship with each other, in that they can both influence each other and be influenced by each other. Expressed symbolically, let politics be P and culture be Q:

P <=> Q

Note: If this sounds familiar, then it should. This the logical biconditional is how I think of the relationship between black murders and black funerals, and it’s increasingly my conceptual framework about the relationship between poverty and crime, in that it’s too simplistic to believe that one is always and only ever the cause and the other is always and only ever the effect.



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28 10 2020
David In TN

David Cole wrote on this subject in his 2014 book, Republican Party Animal.

There have been a few so-called Christian movies, “Unplanned,” an anti-abortion movie the most successful. Nick Searcy’s anti-abortion movie “Gosnell” sold a lot of DVD’s and is still being streamed at Amazon Prime.

The Blogmeister’s Biggest Fan and I had a phone conversation when Gosnell came out. “Gosnell” is about the only legal procedural movie in which the suspect-defendant is black. Gosnell was an inept doctor who made a living performing abortions on a black clientele. We felt a film could be made about the Christian-Newsom Knoxville Horror.

Here (http://takimag.com/article/a-dead-babies-movie-for-all-of-us/#axzz5U7MbsPi1) is David Cole’s column about “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”

The (well-acted and directed) 2018 film, “Chappaquiddick,” was made by political liberals.

28 10 2020

And like I said when I reviewed Chapp here, the only reason they did it was b/c it was 50 after the fact and 10 after Teddy croaked, it was now “safe” to tell the truth.

28 10 2020

I see that Buzz Food is creaming its drawers over its new “white supremacist group” doc leak. When all they found were a bunch of young men who properly diagnose rightist civnats and get harassed for hanging up posters and brochures.

29 10 2020
Hard Right



Chicago sisters accused of stabbing store security guard 27 times after he asked them to wear a mask

The incident occurred at a shoe store in Chicago.

29 10 2020
29 10 2020
Hard Right

White supremacists behind majority of US domestic terror attacks in 2020


White supremacists and other rightwing extremists have been responsible for 67% of domestic terror attacks and plots so far this year, with at least half of that violence targeting protesters, according to a new analysis from a centrist thinktank.

Typical White Supremacist

29 10 2020
Hard Right

‘Soaked in suffering’: Christian leaders complain of ‘white supremacy pandemic’


More than two dozen Christian leaders in New England have signed a letter to call attention to “decision fatigue and exhaustion” among pastors stemming from what they call pandemics of “white supremacy” and the coronavirus.

I’m running out of typical knuckleheads to post

30 10 2020
Hard Right

30 10 2020
Hard Right

30 10 2020
Hard Right

Black actor Turner-Smith to play English queen Anne Boleyn in new drama


LONDON (Reuters) – Black British actor Jodie Turner-Smith is to play Anne Boleyn, wife of English King Henry VIII whom he had beheaded, in a three-part psychological thriller commissioned by TV station Channel 5.

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