Popcorn Grabbing Mood

28 10 2020


Just watched the press conference about the new restrictions and lockdown measures, which will actually be worse than what they were back in the spring. Angela Merkel and Markus Söder, the Minister-President of the Bavarian state, basically the Governor of Bavaria, were shooting thousand yard stares at each other, as if they were trying to say each other with body language that the other is going to get the blame for this. Söder for his part is in major contention to replace Merkel as party leader, and that saga is its own current month daily soap opera in this country. Mainly a food fight between those who want to pretend to be a little bit patriotic in order to coopt the AfD, and those who don’t even want to pretend, and want to go balls to the wall all four barrels publicly on The Great Replacement.

Anyway, it’s not all bad news. You see, with Flickenteppich and Gleichschaltung on an apparent collision course, we may FINALLY be able to settle irresistible force vs immovable object after all these millennia.

And I’d be more pissed if I wasn’t having the best year of my life, with the best yet to come.


Okay, you cried uncle.

Flickenteppich: The parts literally translate to “patched carpet,” together the word means “patchwork quilt,” and it’s a modern day mild political pejorative about how there’s supposedly too much division and fragmented political power along the lines of the federalist system. As you can figure, it’s being said and written a lot this year.

Its antonym is also a pejorative, albeit a much stronger one and a far more famous one, and strangely, one that hasn’t been officially used, much less officially preened about, here in the current year. Gleichschaltung. Its parts literally translate to “equal shifting” or “switching,” together the word means “phasing in” or “coordination,” and as a proper noun, it referred to the NSDAP program of eliminating federalism and localism in the 1930s and exercising national power in a truly unitary sense. As one of you wrote when I discussed this some time back, the grand irony is that Mustache Man Bad would have been deported back to Austria after the failed 1923 Beer Hall Putsch, the Weimar government in Berlin wanted it, but the Bavarian state had enough veto and federalist power to keep it from happening. You’ll also remember last year, in the very short time when St. Louis’s city-county reunification plan was officially presented and considered, I sarcastically called it the Louschaltung.

That’s why I’m in a popcorn grabbing mood.



3 responses

28 10 2020

One big restriction is against the “event-und-party-szene.” Though since we know what that is a euphemism for these days, it’s the new Einzelfall, maybe that’s such a bad thing.

Of course I snark in jest, because I know that these restrictions are against the literal event and party business sector.

28 10 2020

Söder is also himself on very recent record wanting to weaken federalism.

Headline: Ambitious politician from Munich wants to do away with federalism. Where have we heard that before?

28 10 2020
David In TN

I once read that Hitler had to officially become a German citizen in 1932 in order to run for President of the Weimar Republic. He lost to Hindenburg.

If Weimar had the American Constitutional rules for becoming President, Hitler couldn’t have run for the office, nor presumably, Chancellor. He would have been like a Canadian-born American citizen ineligible to be President.

And he should have been deported to Austria in 1923.

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