Pro Tip

4 11 2020

London; Columbia, Missouri

If you don’t have any legal influence over American Presidential elections in any way, meaning that doing so is unethical and a conflict of interest if you do, put a little bit of dough on the 50-1 that the British books are giving Josh Hawley to win it all in 2024.

Take it from me, as someone who was a ground floor charter adopter of Hawley’s political career five years ago. He’s got serious steam under his feet. Meaning this 50-1 number is a hell of a value bet.



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4 11 2020
David In TN

It looks like the Republicans gained a few House seats and are going to hold the Senate. This (hopefully) stops packing the Supreme Court and adding new states.

The way the Biden-Harris regime would get in will increase the opposition the next four years.

Josh Hawley might be a good bet in 2024.

Trump did better than last time with white women, Shy Tories. Trump did worse with white men. This killed him.

The football coach won the Alabama Senate seat in a 60-40 blowout. Had Jeff Sessions been on the ballot, he would have easily returned to his old seat. But Alabamans love football.

4 11 2020

At some point and under some circumstance, Donald John Trump will no longer be President of the United States.

But he will cast an Andrew Jackson like and Franklin Roosevelt like shadow over American politics for a very long time.

22 12 2020

its been some time now since the election and i wonder if hawley has the support anymore. the gope seems to have shot itself in the foot and i dont think there’s much hope that hawley wins the presidential primary. desantis on the other hand seems like a contender.

3 01 2021

Late addition. Seems like a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon, at least mentally.

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