City Jail Riot.

7 02 2021

Guest post by Puggg

This isn’t because of Covid. It’s because that jail, a relatively new one I should add, has pretty low security protocols, especially considering the kind of inmates it holds. When you combine that with the fact that the kind of inmates there are already amped up on a second Ferguson Effect, then it’s easy to predict that small riots like these would break out. And no, they’re not uprisings, and they’re not protests. If you ask me, the real surprise is that these things don’t happen every week these days, when you consider all the factors.



4 responses

8 02 2021
10 02 2021

The pity is that these events are not met with extreme prejudice by men with grim faces and jacketed hollow points.

22 02 2021

Yup, Jail should be one of the places there should be consequences for not doing what you are told. Now that is “acting white” I guess.

23 02 2021

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