Young Pharaoh and CPAC

1 03 2021

Buffalo; Orlando

Here’s another minor scandal from back in the ‘States that popped up while I wasn’t mentally all there.

Because of my Tommy Sotomayor fandom, I’ve been familiar with Young Pharaoh for much longer than most of you reading these words.

In the last six years, YP has had three major distinctly different sociopolitical Weltanschauungen. When I first became familiar with him, he was a big time problacktard simp, “the black woman is god,” yadda yadda. Then he switched to the black manosphere. And now, he’s Hotep/MAGA/Trump all the way, though I should say he’s been sort of a Hotep type all along, hence his stage name. It’s his current stop which got him invited to CPAC, at first.

Here turned out to be the problem:

Sure, people can gradually shift their outlook over a long period of time. But if you do it that quickly, then you have to figure it’s not genuine, and that YP is and has been for some time a leader in search of a cause. Complicating matters is that anyone who has espoused the three ideologies he has plus the Hotepism that has been his common denominator, is close to 100% likely to have said or written someone to earn the ire of the group of people well known for their powers of cancellation, think Shift+9 and Shift+0.

And, as I see now, that’s precisely what happened.

But to me, the big problem here isn’t with YP or the Parentheticals. It’s with CPAC. Even without YP’s Parenthetical problem, he’s still nowhere near CPAC speaker caliber. That is, if you think CPAC is still what it was before 1998. It’s just that CPAC has fallen so far, and the American Conservative Union being the typical normiecon cuckservatives, always in search of the magic negro, they’re willing to lower the bar that far such that this twenty-something mop-headed ex-con hustler can jump over it. Yes, he’s been to prison, he admitted on Tommy’s show back in 2015 that it was for armed robbery. The most disturbing part is that the only reason CPAC canceled him was because of what he said about Jews; But for that, he would have been good to go.

The Council of Conservative Citizens’ literature booth was too much for CPAC back in 1998, and we were told to scramb.



3 responses

1 03 2021
Hard Right

I’ll note that there was a Magic Negro who spoke at AFPAC. He was a bit more impressive than Young Phooloh. At least he could speak English.

2 03 2021
Hard Right

Young Phoolie might’ve been an improvement.

3 03 2021
Alex the Goon

They need a new LBJ: “I’ll have those niggers trucking in hundreds of thousands of fake republican ballots in ghetto precincts for the next 200 years.”

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