I Didn’t Either.

2 03 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Did you know that there’s an election for mayor in St. Louis today? I didn’t either.

Did you care that there’s an election for mayor in St. Louis today? I didn’t either.

I’ll leave this open thread on the matter for the few of you that might.



5 responses

2 03 2021

I just so happen to be in what is St. Louis’s official German sister city this week. Though I don’t see that many similarities between St. Louis and Stuttgart. Cologne is way more like St. Louis, and low key, Bremen is probably the most similar to St. Louis on a gut sort of level.

2 03 2021

And no, I haven’t been following any of the news. All I know is that Lyda Krewson isn’t seeking a second term, probably because the tumult taxed her health. The odds that there is even one credible candidate to my or our liking are about as good that I’ll coach Die Mannschaft to the World Cup victory next year.

2 03 2021

It’s not just that Lyda Krewson isn’t running again. It’s that there’s a whole new system in place. The voters in the city passed a proposition back in November, to change the city charter. No more party primaries and general. It’s that you’ve gotta do signature collecting to get on the ballot. Everyone in one big pool. The top two vote getters go to the runoff a month later. And you can vote for as many candidates as you want in the first round (Today), one of them, or all of them, or anywhere in between. But each candidate only has one oval. Four made it (Spencer, Reed, T. Jones, A. Jones).

3 03 2021

I don’t know who this “A. Jones” is. T. Jones is probably Tishaura Jones, Virvus Jones’s daughter, who almost won it four years ago. Reed is most likely Lewis Reed, Aldermanic Board President. Spencer I think is an alderwoman.

I have not yet looked up the results, which are probably all counted by now. But, as close as T. Jones made it four years ago, and back then, she was the favorite of LGBTQ-BLT-BBQ-LOL, and that in the time since then, the progressivetard ascendancy has hit paydirt, including Cori Bush, coming close in 2018 then doing it last year, I’m going to guess that the same energy that pushed Cori Bush over the top means that T. Jones finished in first place yesterday and will probably win the runoff.

3 03 2021

And I just looked. I was right, T. Jones finished first, Spencer second. So there’s the runoff, and I think Jones wins it with no problem.

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