Street Louis.

5 03 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Hey, how’d you all around here like getting woke up at 4-something in the morning with that Amber Alert on your phones? The automated voice said “Street Louis County Police”. It’s because it can’t tell the difference between St. meaning Saint and meaning Street. And they expect that kind of tech to drive our cars for us.

Here’s what led up to it.



5 responses

5 03 2021

Looks like Bobby McCulley III is the end of the line.

5 03 2021
Alex the Goon

Every phone should have a separate Ebony Alert category for these things, factory setting = Always Ignore.

7 03 2021

I wrote here awhile back that online translation can’t tell the difference between Essen as a proper name of a city and Essen as the noun meaning food or cuisine. That it meant that an article about a police chase where the pursuants led the pursuing cops from Cologne to Essen was translated as “put into food.”

7 03 2021
22 03 2021
Sebastian Hawks

These leftists in Silicon Valley are hellbent into taking your car away. Looney liberals hate cars, I see these people on blogs telling all of us we should use a bicycle instead and all their hair-brained ideas including these “self driving cars” that would require the kind of AI like C3PO that can really think about all the variables you see driving down a road. Even little things like moving over 2 feet to avoid splattering your car with a stinky skunk roadkill.

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