Everything You Wanted to Know About Young White Men (But Were Afraid to Ask)

8 03 2021

Plano, Texas

You’ve all heard by now. Because it’s international news, as I can attest.

For all of you non-white people reading this, before you go on the warpath, there’s something you have to understand about young white men, and I’m writing this as someone for whom the young part used to be true:

For us, the TV show “Jackass” isn’t just a TV show. It’s a way of life.

We just play too damned much.

I think that all that happened with SeMarion here is that this means he has been accepted into his circle of white friends. Another way to think of this is that it’s akin to pledging a fraternity.



5 responses

8 03 2021
Alex the Goon

I think this is more about weakness than acceptance. Sesimian was raised by a single mother, into being a wuss who can’t stand up for himself. Evidenced by (1) he drank their urine, (2) Mommy’s public whining — which should humiliate a normal boy into suicide. I was about to say something about jimcrow preventing this kind of thing, but honestly, if he lived in a black neighborhood, his fellow unarmed teens would’ve made bushmeat out of him.
They still have to go back.

9 03 2021

A combination of both, perhaps.

10 03 2021
David In TN

Speaking of international news, had any of your associates, in-laws, or Frau Blogmeister ever heard of the 2007 Christian-Newsom torture murders in Knoxville, Tennessee?

10 03 2021

Give me a few days, and I’ll have an answer.

10 03 2021
David In TN

Here (https://www.unz.com/article/with-new-charges-the-knoxville-horror-is-a-live-case-again-possibly-with-more-indictments-to-come/) is a 2018 article by the Blogmeister’s biggest fan. Someone coming new to the case will find it useful. There are several links inside the article.

I recall reading that the victims’ parents received letters of sympathy from outside the United States.

We’ve heard the “If the races were reversed” trope ad nauseum, but someone wrote that if they were, the Christian-Newsom torture-murders would have been the biggest story in the Western World.

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