The Yellow Panic of 2021, Explained

22 03 2021


I’ll cut to the chase. There are I think three really big things going on here:

(1) Because most anti-Asian violence is at the hands of the black undertow, and at that, it’s not hate or enmity driven criminality literally speaking, it’s just a matter of predators picking on actual or perceived conveniently proximate and available weak and easy prey, (hint: blacks and Asians both tend to live in urban centers), the left wing is trying to prevent open warfare between blacks and Asians from popping up underneath its coalition of the fringes big tent. Which has been threatening to bust wide open for other recent causes, including:

(2) This is also a subtle maneuver to try to get Asian lobbies and organizations to stop filing lawsuits against universities and institutions against their affirmative action and DEI schemes.

(3) The establishment is trying its best to dampen any official energy behind blaming Beijing and the CCP for the Wuhan virus, so as to prevent economic retaliation and decoupling, and any such actions of course would force Beijing to reciprocate. It’s because too many “important” Americans are too invested in China.

I’ll leave you with an interesting piece of irony: Many of the very same people and the same ilk of people so worried about anti-Asian violence all of a sudden do not classify Asian employees of CSIT/STEM firms and Asian students at elite schools as diverse. “White adjacent” is the fashionable social justice-y term.



5 responses

22 03 2021
Tom MacGyver

Blacks don’t like Asians because Asians make a go of it in the very same neighborhoods where blacks say “D’ain’t no jobs!” Asians are big on family. Asians are big on getting educated. Blacks? Mehh… on both counts… Asians don’t want any part of the nanny governments that blacks tend to embrace. In short, blacks don’t like Asians because Asians call “bullshit” on the black excuse machine…

22 03 2021
Alex the Goon

Blacks hate everyone, and everyone hates blacks.

23 03 2021
Hard Right

Why would anyone hate black people?

Spring Break in Miami Beach

5 04 2021

you nailed it on the head. blacks have hated rooftop koreans forever, since the latter takes money from the former. with blm blacks have free reign to openly rob and beat asians. one thing you left out blogmeister is that the kids of the rooftoppers jumped on the blm train to own whitie and are now stuck trying to defend themselves and blm from the immigrant asian communities.

8 06 2021
Fauci and the Third Loose End | Countenance Blog

[…] then, me, on March 22, on why “they” were manufacturing hysteria about anti-Asian hate […]

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