The First Four After the First Forty

31 03 2021

They were four years I could have never predicted. Back there on my fortieth birthday, you couldn’t have paid me enough to predict accurately the next ten percent of my life. Especially since at that time, I was whining like a bitch about turning forty.

And yet, when it comes to birthdays, March 31 suddenly doesn’t matter that much to me anymore, maybe except for the zeroes and fives. Nowadays, December 22 matters to me a lot more, and I better not ever forget May 2.



4 responses

31 03 2021

Seems to be common among people I know, or know of, especially men, that a lot changes with them from 40 to 45. Happened with me, though it wasn’t as drastic as what happened with you.

5 04 2021

Remember that old saying — “They don’t let you make any money until you’re 40.” It’s not quite as true today as it was when it was coined and popular, but still somewhat.

31 03 2021
Alex the Goon

Ever feel like you were missing out, by not doing a Gender Reveal?
Two Killed When Plane Being Used For Gender Reveal Crashes As Expectant Parents Watch In Horror

5 04 2021

My sister-in-law would be doing a GRP, but the Covid restrictions have made it pretty much impossible. Her sonogram is at the end of this month.

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