An Open Thread While I Have the Chance.

3 04 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Well, yesterday was the crucifixion, and tomorrow will be the resurrection. So while we’re in a holding pattern today, I’ll put up an open thread.



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3 04 2021
David In TN

PBS is showing a new Ken Burns (soon to be canceled, never liked him myself) film on Ernest Hemingway starting Monday Night. Parts two and three are on the following nights.

A St. Louis Post Dispatch story on Saturday explores Hemingway’s St. Louis connections, his first three wives in particular.

For Whom the Bells Tolls is my favorite novel. In 2008 I read it was the favorite of Barack Obama and John McCain. Neither understood it. McCain thought (in so far as he could ever think) it meant to fight “for what you believe” all the time forever.

To me, it was about a man who went to fight for a Noble Cause but found out it wasn’t as noble as he had thought. The protagonist, Robert Jordan, was still willing to die for the ambiguous cause. Hemingway was savagely attacked by the Left when FWTBT was published in 1940. For one thing he showed there were atrocities on both sides and the hypocrisy of many Leftist heroes. A vignette on real-life Andre Marty is one of the best portraits of a Communist killer ever written.

5 04 2021

The German translation is titled: Wem die Stunde Schlägt. Which literally translates to: Whom the hour strikes.

Old business: Around the most informed 20% in the circles I run in were/are familiar with Christian-Newsom, but most of them needed a reminder. Remember, my circles aren’t necessarily representative of Germany as a whole. As proof, neither my wife, nor my sister-in-law, nor the soyboy-in-law, nor either of my parents-in-law, had any idea who they were or the importance.

6 04 2021
David In TN

Thanks. Several years ago I read that the Christian-Newsom parents had received letters of sympathy from outside the United States. I’m not surprised some 20% of the circles you run in were familiar with it.

Those who read English on the internet may have read your Biggest Fan’s Knoxville Horror articles.

My take on your wife, sister-in-law-, soyboy-in-law, parents-in-law, not knowing about the Christian-Newsom torture-murders is this:

They would probably not have known about it if all of the above were from the St. Louis area.

4 04 2021
Alex the Goon

Happy MLK Day

6 04 2021

When you have a birthday between March 22 and April 25, like I do, you’re close to 100% sure that your birthday will fall on Easter at least once in your life. And for me, it has already happened three times: My 14th, 25th and 36th, and three years from now, my 47th. But then it wouldn’t happen again until my 109th, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll be around then.

I do notice the same 11-year separation from 14 to 25 and then from 25 to 36. I’m sure someone has already studied these things inside and out.

6 04 2021
Alex the Goon

47 to 109 isn’t so bad. Just think how March 22 feels.
Earliest Easter

In 1818, as a paschal full moon fell on Saturday March 21 (the Spring Equinox), Easter was the following day—Sunday March 22—the
earliest date possible. It will not fall on this date again until 2285, a span of 467 years.
The rules for the Easter calendar would be less pagan if decided by an african witch doctor rolling a bowl of albino negro teeth.

11 04 2021

Like I said, I’m sure someone has already studied this.

I’m guessing that the odds that any one given possible date of Easter actually is Easter is a normal probability distribution curve, the least likely for the two extreme days (March 22 and April 25), and more likely as you go toward the middle, with the median date between 3/22 and 4/25 being the most likely.

13 04 2021
Hard Right

Easter wouldn’t follow a Gaussian distribution or any other distribution. Neither the Equinox nor the Full Moon is a random event. Each can be calculated with certainty.

The most pagan thing about Easter is its name.

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