Local Election Day Open Thread.

7 04 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Just in case any of you are interested in chewing the fat about what happened yesterday. The most important news coming out of the St. Louis area is of course the city, with Tish Jones winning, and what that will mean for the SLMPD, the two jails in the city, and crime.



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7 04 2021

Jones came this close four years ago, and in the time since then, Cori Bush herself came as close as anyone did to primarying any Clay in 2018 and then got it done last year. So I knew that Jones was most likely going to win this year. What surprised me is how close it was, so I see from afar, only a four point margin.

Quite some time back, I met Cara Spencer, this was not long after she was first cutting her teeth in the Board of Aldermen. She struck me as an “everybody’s little sister” type who is a real eidetic technocrat. I never thought that type could punch it through all the way to mayor in St. Louis. Her coming that close I think was probably merely a function of fear the kind of people who are going to start wilding out when Jones guts the SLPD.

And that leads me to my next point — Like I’ve been saying, the wife really wants to see St. Louis, though that couldn’t happen before the summer of 2023. But now with Jones coming in, this is probably going to drive black crime to stratospheric and unprecedented highs, the likes of which will make last current year seem like Mayberry RFD by comparison. I try not to be irrational or hysterical when it comes to these things, but even the idea of this is making me think that, if I can’t talk my wife out of her demand, that I just might have to put my foot down. Especially since, like I said, the season we would make such a trip is the summer, most likely July, and we all know that crime is worse in July than the other side of the year, typically.

7 04 2021
Alex the Goon

Wait a couple years more, when you can charter an armored safari tour bus.

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