And the Verdict Is…

21 04 2021


…it doesn’t matter, and never mattered to anyone or anything what the actual verdict was either way. Well, except for Derek Chauvin himself.

The process was the punishment.

No cop is going to want to go through all that, even if they get a not guilty verdict or a hung jury.

Retreat to the donut shop, fellas.

The only down side is that I don’t know how I’m going to break it to my wife that she might never get to see St. Louis. But it’s just not going to be safe at any point in the next handful of years, with all that will result from this, on top of Virvus Jones’s daughter about to become mayor. Which means that I’m glad I’m here, not there. And while I’m too rational to let my mind come to what I’m about to say as a conclusion of absolute truth, I’m starting to think that July 19, 2017 was all part of a greater plan and for my own good. If for nothing else, the band on my finger and the pair of about to be four-month olds in their cribs.



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21 04 2021
David In TN

Steve Sailer has written that every one of these imbroglios which are played up as The Biggest Story in the World features a dirtbag (Sailer’s term) who resists arrest and gets himself killed.

There are certain criminal cases-trials which become a national morality play. For example, Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony. In those, everybody involved was white.

The only black on white murder which was given the morality play treatment by the MSM was the O.J. Simpson Farce. In that one, the media picked apart the prosecution case and found a white villain, Mark Furhman.

The acquittal by the mostly black jury of the dead-bang guilty defendant was hailed as a Triumph of Justice, or a “victory for civil rights.

Some have referred to the Christian-Newsom torture-murder case as, “If the races were reversed it would have been the biggest story in the Western world.”

I have a take on this matter. The reason the MSM makes George Floyd the biggest story in the world is it (and similar ones) are the best they can do for a white on black killing.

They don’t have five white lowlifes carjack-kidnap an attractive black middle class couple and torture them to death. They don’t have two white 14-15 year olds murder a black female college student (ala Tessa Majors). They don’t have a DNA hit on the rape-murder 35 years ago of a black 14-year old girl reveal the killer to be a white perp (ala Wendy Jerome of Rochester, NY).

The above murders referenced are a few of a very great many.

So the MSM, politicians, opinion makers, etc have to settle for these black criminal types killed while resisting arrest.

The Blogmeister biggest fan and I had a phone conversation after the Floyd verdict on this subject.

21 04 2021

Because there were guilty verdicts on everything down the line, that probably prevented the inevitable post-verdict rioting (and writing that so casually and matter-of-fact-ly is telling in and of itself) from being that bad. But after the first 72 hours, that’s when it starts not mattering either way.

21 04 2021

That Tish Jones was sworn in yesterday. The same day as the Chauvin verdict. Go figure.

22 04 2021
Hard Right

What was his lawyer thinking?

22 04 2021

My sons have been on this Earth for eight months combined, as of today. And they still haven’t done any chores, and forget about having made any money.

When I confront them with that, they look at me like I’m some kind of kook, and then at each other as if to communicate as well as four-month olds can that they’re stuck with me as a father.

(Hey, we need a little humor right about now)

22 04 2021

On her first full day as mayor, Tish Jones has already proposed a budget that closes the city workhouse.

There’s also this, speaking of city jails.

22 04 2021

I never heard of her father until i checked the blog. Apparently she works with her father’s friends. i hope the city county merger never happens in my or my kids lifetimes.

25 04 2021

Christmas is coming early this year:

2021 rates are up sharply from 2020, which itself was up sharply from 2019. Perhaps Minneapolis will not burn, but people will wish it did, which is a start.

The left is in total control now; impossible to lay this at anyone else’s door. More crime in the cities, fewer cops, less enforcement . . . let the liberal sinkholes fester and burn. The Orange Man and — more sinisterly — RACISM will be blamed.

As for Chauvin himself, someone on MPC observed that were he not kneeling on George Floyd’s back, he’d be arresting people like me and my parents for not wearing a mask in church. Do we have a record of any cop, anywhere, refusing to enforce these ridiculous mask mandates? Of course not. It’s too bad for Chauvin that he was working for the wrong people.

25 04 2021
Alex the Goon

Do we have a record of any cop, anywhere, refusing to enforce these ridiculous mask mandates? Of course not.
Did you ever hear of any cops shutting down Grace Community Church in LA, that was in the news all year? No, because the cops stayed out of it. You can bet your bottom dollar they were ordered, too.
It doesn’t make the news when someone does the normal right thing, nor should it. It should be normal and expected.
Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong to Floyd George.

26 04 2021

I’ve seen that Jan/Feb 21 in St. Louis was +40% over Jan/Feb 20. Not a surprise, because Jan/Feb 20 was pre-Floyd, and Jan/Feb 21 was post-Floyd. But I still think that overall, 21 is going to be over 20.

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