Happy Mother’s Day.

7 05 2021

Guest post by Puggg

Mine is still alive and kicking and doing really well health-wise for her age, same with my father.

Open thread, though I don’t know how much a Mother’s Day thread should be that open.



11 responses

7 05 2021
Alex the Goon

Think of it as space for future expansion. For Mom.

8 05 2021

Gonna have a post about Muttertag on Montag. A lot of thoughts are going through my mind this weekend, on top of how bittersweet tomorrow will be for me.

9 05 2021

If you’re around here, watch out for the black bears. My county, Jefferson County, especially the more south you go, is their kind of ideal place. But up there in St. Louis County, there’ve been sightings in Sunset Hills, Kirkwood, Webster and Brentwood just in the last 48 hours.

10 05 2021
10 05 2021
Alex the Goon

Without clicking the story, ursa – ursuline?

10 05 2021

Gold star.

10 05 2021

Looks like the Sunset Hills sighting, the Kirkwood sighting and the Brentwood sighting were all the same one, which makes sense because you can sense something of a direct path. He was also sighted and caught in a tree in Richmond Hts earlier today, and will be tagged and shipped back south. They say he’s a juvenile adolescent male, and ain’t it just like a teenage boy to want to get up and go, to get out there and see the world, in ways that’s risky for himself. The way he was going, though, you can see he was headed in the direction of the Zoo. Oh boy, if he would have gotten there.

11 05 2021
Alright Dan

There was a bengal tiger that was running around a neighborhood in Houston. They think it was someone’s exotic illegal pet.

12 05 2021
Alright Dan
13 05 2021

My prediction was in here as a comment:

Primary Election Results Open Thread.

I would have thought the salami slices would have been smaller and many more and spread out over more time. But, it has come true with gas. Next will be cigarettes.

16 05 2021
Alex the Goon

Dad-to-be sees pink, throws a fit at gender-reveal party. He calmed down after it was explained that pink means you’re having a girl, not a faggot.

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