A Future Nonetheless

10 05 2021


Mother’s Day weekend, Muttertag.

My first without mine, my wife’s first as one.

Happy and sad at the same time.

By the time next Muttertag rolls around, both of my mother-in-law’s daughters will themselves be mothers.

Also by the time the next one rolls around, someone else will be a mother. During the week last week, Martin Sellner announced that he and Brittany are expecting. (You’ll find me in that comment section if you do enough scrolling down.) A recent review on AR of the autobiography of the former Brittany Pettibone made me realize that there are some similarities between the Sellners’ wedding and marriage and my own. In both instances, it was a matter of an American marrying a European. Both ceremonies were in Europe, and within 18 months of each other. If the Sellner wedding would have been in Idaho, as planned, it would have been another congruent similarity, as both weddings would have taken in the bride’s native country. I read in the review, and will eventually again when I get around to reading the book, that Martin proposed to Brittany on a Danube River trip. As you know, our honeymoon last summer was a close to wire to wire cruise of the Danube, and associated and nearby attractions. In both cases, the married couple lives in Europe. The differences are that my wife is not sector at all, and in fact, I resolved a long time ago never to check for sector chicks, because of my “charming” personality, as I knew that it would eventually grate on them, and they might quit the sector for it. Neither I nor my wife are public figures, though that might change for my wife in the mid-term future. And also, “Willst Du Mich Heiraten?” came naturally for Martin, but it took me some practice.

All this got me to thinking, about our two screaming bundles of joy, my soon to arrive nephew, and then later the new baby boy or girl Sellner.

We’ve got a future. It may be a really bad future, but it is going to be a future nonetheless. Even as bad as it could be, I’d much rather have a bad future than no future.

Or maybe, the combination of my sons, my nephew, and boy or girl Sellner, will get together and figure out how to save our civilization.


I guess what I’m really thinking about is that I think I’ve finally figured out a riddle I had in my head for a minute.

What are the main differences between the accelerationists and anti-accelerationists in our sector?

Now I know — Read above.  Parents.  The accelerationists are either not and never parents, or they might as well have not been parents even if they were biologically so.  The antis are parents or seriously want to be.  Good parents don’t want to make life for their children any worse than necessary, even if we think it probably won’t be good.



One response

13 05 2021

The strange thing about Father’s Day in Germany is that it falls on Ascension Day, which is a public holiday. And that day is today. Which means it comes right on the heels of Mother’s Day.

And just like I wrote earlier this week, by the next Father’s Day, both of my father-in-law’s sons-in-law will themselves be fathers.

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